Juliet Loves Balot

On one of my walks, we headed down to the the wharf where they sell balot.  The Philippines is infamous for this food.  It is a duck egg at various stages of development.  Generally they sell them after at three different development stages of 10 days, 14 days and 21 days.

Philippine Monkey Eating Ballot (click ot enlarge)

Philippine Monkey Eating Balot (click to enlarge)

We use to take her down there just to get balot but I’ve not taken her in a while.  She keeps jumping on Jessie and freaking Jessie out.  Juliet does this when Jessie least expects it and it catches her off guard.  Juliet loves balot and so does Jessie but I don’t think Jessie has had any since I’ve been here.  I’m not sure, I told her I didn’t want to watch her eat it!

Juliet loves it.  The Filipino  gather around to watch her eat it.  The egg is often hot and she doesn’t want to hold it but at the same time, she wants to eat it.  Like any good monkey, she doesn’t have much patience so waiting is not her strong point.  Of course waiting when one lives in a troop of monkeys would probably mean that you’d go hungry while some other monkey ate what you were waiting to eat!

I thought I would try balot before I got here but then I saw it and decided that was not a good idea at all.  Heck I tried too eat Jessie’s noodles and that made me gag.  There’s no way I can get balot down!  She tells me it taste like egg yoke.  I don’t like that either so I think I’ll just have to pass on this tradition of the Philippines.

As You can see, its not the most pleasant looking stuff.  This one had gotten as far as developing some feathers

Ballot, Inside the Shell

Balot, Inside the Shell

but you can’t see the feathers in this shot.  This was my first time to se e ballot in person.  I had seen a picture of it shortly after arriving here and watching the pretty Filipina pull it out of its egg by the beak was the end of my interest in eating it myself.

The Wharf is one of the gathering places for those that live in Bogo.  There is almost always  people down at the pier.  The kids use to follow me around like I am the Pied Piper but I guess I’m old news now.  They stopped doing that.

I have not been walking much lately, I’ve really got to get those walks going again.  I have more energy when I walk and I’ve been without energy of late.  Sleeping most of the time, my blood sugar is probably high and I need to get that fixed.  Maybe I can even take Juliet again and have her entertain me while I walk.  I might have to go without Jessie though.  Jessie use to push me to go but I guess she’s been lazy too.  I enjoy walking with Jessie and Juliet but I’m afraid Juliet is going to get me into trouble.

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