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The supreme court has once again ruled that acts making  Bogo and 15 other cities an official Philippine City as invalid and unconstitutional.  The vote was 6 to 5.  This close vote has given some of the cities continued hope and they appear ready to file for their third reconsideration.

Some of the mayors are taking a pretty defiant attitude but the Mayor of Bogo has been quoted as saying that “We will continue to do what our lawyers tell us to do.”

I had read an online article a few weeks ago that indicated the supreme court had ruled against the cities but found no official word.  I didn’t really understand the tone of the article.  It was written by a Pinoy. The article was mocking the city mayors.  I don’t understand why.  The decision was reached a few weeks ago but the mayors got the written decision this week.  It appears that blogger had the information early.

Photo of Seal of Bogo City in Front of Library.
Photo of Seal of Bogo City in Front of Library.

The reason this matters is that there is a set amount of money that goes to the cities.  The cities also are able to collect more taxes.  The Constitution of The Philippines, often called the Charter sets the requirements for municipality’s to become cities.  Charter maybe the correct word.  I’m not 100% certain.  There are many articles around the net referring to Cha-Cha change and that is referring to some of the efforts to change the constitution or charter.

I don’t know what filing for reconsideration does.  Does that keep the new cities as official  cities as long as it is still under reconsideration?  I got the impression the cities can file for reconsideration three times.  Seems they would be smart to do so if that keeps their funds coming.  Perhaps someone will know.

I live in one of the affected cities so it is important to me that Bogo gets its city hood back.  For the last week, I’ve started referring to it as a town.  I’m not sure which is correct during this period of reconsideration.  Bogo has signs all over town with the term city.  The city seal is all around with the seal of Bogo City displayed rather than municipality.

The mayor of Bogo City has plans to develop diving locations near the city and I certainly would like to see that happen.  The employees in the city also got raises based on the city hood status.  Will the mayor have to now lower their salaries?

When the supreme court first ruled against the cities it seemed likely they would reverse the ruling.  The cities fail to meet the income requirements of a city which is 100 million Philippine Peso per year.  Bogo City meets half that amount.

I believe, next month will be the second anniversary of Bogo City becoming a city..  Last year they had a big party. I’m guessing they will again this year?  I don’t know.  I hope they do.  Their chances seem bleak after loosing three times now but the close vote does help to keep the hopes of many high.

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