Bantayan Island Day Trip

Last month, there was an article in one of the papers with the good news that there would be no more scheduled brown outs for Nothern Cebu.   The power company had worked out a deal with a major user of electricity so that the plant would generate its own power during peak times so that the rest of the area could stay powered.

However, Sunday morning, I awoke to the dreaded sound of power going off.  It was 8am on a Sunday morning and that means an all day brown out.  So I could sit around and smoulder in the steamy heat. or I could go spend the entire day in Jollibee’s or I could go to Bantayan Island!

No More Floating Bar

I was planning on going to the floating bar as it is usually cool there with a nice breeze and we were taking Jason so I thought he might enjoy the boat ride over.  However, once we got to the island we discovered it had been destroyed in one of the summer storms.  No problem, we went to Tristan’s Resort instead.

We arrived on Bantayan Island just before 1pm.  The last boat out was at 3:30PM so we had a couple of hours to enjoy the scenery of Bantayan Island.

Bantayan IslandWe also stopped by the local shop where they make things from sea shells.  We bought a beautiful wind chime.  If you’d like to order one but can’t visit the island use the contact us form and I’ll try to work something out with you.  The one we purchased is pictured below:


The visit to Bantayan was much more enjoyable than a day at Jollibee’s and probably less expensive and almost certainly less fattening. With a short stay, we didn’t get to explore very much but Bantayan Island is one of the things that make living in Northern Cebu one of the best reasons to live here.  Don’t come to Cebu without planning a visit to Bantayan Island.  If you’re a certified diver, you should also consider a trip to the nearby Malapascua Island.  For many divers, its considered one of the best diving spots in the world.

We made it back to the mainland of Cebu about 4:45 and the lights were still out!  Before we got home though, I noticed that I could see TVs on in the homes along the highway so we timed it just about perfectly.  I hope this does not mean a return to the monthly brown outs we’ve endured in Bogo City.

I wrote a more detailed article about our trip to Bantayan Island on Bantayan Island Tours along with more pictures of the visit.

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