Sometimes the wind is hot in Bogo City.  I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.  I don’t think it is actual hotter in the Philippines than Memphis or Jackson, Ms.  The temperatures here are often around 90 while in those   two American cities the temperature is closer to 95 to 100F.  However, the humidity here is much higher.  The sun does fire_breathing_green_dragonseem to burn more here though.  Most days, I think it is hotter back at my original home rather than the Philippines.

Then there is this hot wind that blows in here in Bogo City.  First time I felt it was a couple of months ago.  There was a strong breeze but it was a hot breeze. Its not hugely uncomfortable though.  Its just odd more than anything else.

One of those new things I’ve experienced while living in the Philippines.  Jessie too has noticed it so I guess its not something she’s use to in the Tacloban area either.

Its likely a low pressure cell is on the way.  This dragon breath seems to often preceed a new storm system coming through.  We’ve had a good deal of rain in the last week.  Yesterday, I thought we might actually skip a hard rain but we didn’t, finally it came down hard.

The wind in Bogo helps a lot to keep things more comfortable.  As I type, I’m recalling the “Dog Days of August” in Memphis where a breeze is hard to find.  Hot , still  water filled air bearing down on me.  It’s just not that hot here but then its often 10 degrees cooler here too.

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