We just had another earthquake in Bogo City.  It wasn’t as strong as the one we had a couple of weeks ago.  The aftershock was strong though.  I was sitting outside and thought the porch was going to come out from under me.

It was a baby quake really, people in Mindanao would probably laugh at us.  Jessie said, in Tacloban people would just stay in their home but I told her its


always a good idea to go outside for a bit.  Never know what is coming behind it.

Here though, the schools closed and some businesses.  Business, I think will reopen, guy next door came to check on his family I think.

Earthquake is Cebu itself are not uncommon but in Northern Cebu they are unheard of.  I can’t find any local that remembers any quakes but the people I’ve asked are in the 30’s to 40’s.

It generally a good to have several small quakes. They say it tends to let off the pressure.  However, having two quakes in less than a month in an area that doesn’t get quakes might be a bit more of a concern.

There  is a more current post about the Earthquake In Cebu that happened on Feburary 2012 that you can find here.

I’m no expert but its probably related to the first quake, things just shifting around.  I haven’t looked to see how big it was officially.  I suspect under a 3.5.  Not a big deal for those use to earthquakes but I’m not one of those use to earthquakes.

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