Tambayan is Bogo City’s Expat Hangout

In the center of town, near Gaisano, you’ll find a group of expats hanging out and drinking beer at Tambayan.  Locals also visit the restaurant, which is a good sign.  However, I don’t go there.  I’ve been once.  The big draw is that it has the cheapest beer that I know of.  There are also a lot of Filipina that pass by but, I’m told by the local ladies that girls that go there get a bad reputation fast.  This keeps the local women from interacting much with the expats but of course, there are always exceptions.


Expats Hanging Out At Tambayan in Bogo City

Its not really my thing to sit around and drink beer all day and its out on the hot street so its not a favorite of mine.  If you’re looking for other expats though, you’ll find them here.

You can also find a few down at Pizza Pub which is near the town plaza known as Heritage Square.  Don’t get it confused with the smaller Rizal Park which is near by.  One of these days I’m going to draw a map of Bogo City but my drawing abilities are not so great.  I doubt my accuracy will be all that great either. 🙂

I would like to get together with expats in Bogo City but I haven’t been able to find many of them online.  I run into one now and then but they seem to disappear after that.  I’m not the expat that sits around complaining about things all day long though. I also don’t drink a lot but I wont mind laughing at you if you do. HAHA  If you’re not either, contact me by using the menu at the top of the page.  Its under the Administrative link.

I think Bogo is a great place for an expat to live.  It is cheaper than many places in Cebu and close to Bantayan and Malapascua Islands.   It is also a very safe place to live and none of the smog you’ll find a constant within Cebu City.  There is very little crime in the Bogo City.  The mayor seems to have a firm grasp on that.  I’ve said it before that Bogo City has won the Cleanest and Greenest in the Philippines award several times.  Best of all, the people of Bogo City are very friendly and  have been very helpful to me.

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