Thieves and Bumper Cars

Yesterday while I was writing an article about how awesome the people of the Philippines are I heard a loud noise outside.  I thought it was Juliet making noise to scare a cat or one of the neighbourhood kids.

An hour or two later Jessie arrived home from Cebu City.  She asked me if I had Juliet out of her cage.  I told her I had and she asked if she pulled the metal bar on the steps out of the concrete.  I said no.  She asked what happened and I didn’t know what she was talking about so outside I went to see what she meant.

There I found that one of the brass decorations embedded into the tile in the steps had been pulled out of the concrete.  Well, rather part of it had been.  It had been bent upward and broke off.  Someone had pulled part of it off.  The neighbours told us the thief would be back to get the rest of it, if it was worth anything.


I’m afraid they will come back after Juliet’s cage!  Also afraid of what will happen to Juliet.  I have a renewed interest in obtaining security cameras for her cage area and the front of the house.  What I find on the market though are either too expensive or of dubious quality.

We called the landlady and she came by  to check it out.  She had her sons rip all of it up and sent a mason around this morning to patch it up and give it a finished look. She commented on her way out that when they came back to get the rest they will be disappointed.

Jessie had taken Jason to Cebu City for his 9th birthday.  He had the choice to go to Bantayan Island but he decided he wanted to go see the fancy SM mall in the city.  Jessie and Jason took Bus Ridea turn at the bumper cars.  Knowing Jessie the way I do, she enjoyed it more than he did!  Jason had a good time but decided it was too far to go and next time he would go to Bantayan Island. I was really surprised he choose Cebu City.

As for the thief, nothing happened over night.  Hopefully they will just go on their way.  I’ll be looking for those security cameras.  We’ve needed them in the past too.  Crime in the Philippines usually is of this kind.  Petty theft without injury to anyone.  Not always though.  Though it is a country full of good people, there are always a few bad people or bad times that make people do bad things.  It does not change my view of the Philippines at all.  I don’t have a rosy view of the Philippines, I have a full view and its not always rosy.  I think I do know what is important though.

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