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Cebeco II, a cooperative, provides electricity to Northern Cebu..  We’ve had many brownouts over the last year that I have lived in Bogo town. Last year during peak months they generally turned off the lights once a month on a Sunday.  Last month, power was cut several times.  Usually around noon on weekdays for a few hours as well as most of one Sunday.

It appears Mitsumi, an electronic manufacturing company near Danao, places a heavy demand on the system. The power company and Mitsumi have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) setting up a plan where Mitsumi will generate its own power during peak usage times.   Cebeco will reimburse Mitsumi for the increased cost the firm incurs as a result of generating its own power.

This certainly sounds promising to me!  It will help keep me out of Jollibee’s!  It will reduce my visits which may had a few years to my life.  🙂  I like life so that would be a good thing.  We go there because they have air conditioning (aircon).  We’ve been known to stay for hours.  Reading the paper and eating too much.

Governor Garcia also signed off on this MOA and it is good for 18 months.  This will help the economy and help us spoiled expats living in Cebu to be more comfortable. Hey I know I’m spoiled but I’m getting better, not nearly as spoiled as I once was.

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