Stormy Weather for those Living In Cebu

There is a tropical storm, dubbed Tropical Storm Naga off our east coast…  However, the islands of Leyte  and Samar are between it and us.  It is expected to turn north once it hits land.  The current trajectory indicates Bogo City will be on the left border of this storm.  As I write this, June 23 8pm the storm is expected to be closest to us in about 12 hours.

It could intensify to a category one typhoon but that’s an outside chance.   It is more likely it will be a strong tropical storm but not reach typhoon strength.  The words typhoon, hurricane and cyclone are all interchangeable.  It depends on what part of the world one is in.  The Philippines does rename the storm and used different rating system.

tropical storm naga

We could very well loose our electricity for a day or two.  We’ve lost it twice today but for short periods of time.  At least with all the wind and rain and clouds the temperatures are cool at around 24C now.  That would translate to the mid to upper 70’s in fahrenheit I believe.

So if I’m offline for the next few days, its nothing to be too worried about but if you want to FedEx me a generator that would be nice.  🙂  It is on my list of things I need, hard to find in Bogo City though.  Plenty of them in Cebu City.  I’ve also seen them for sale in Bantayan Island.

I enjoy storms, well as long as my house remains standing and my lights stay on.  I’ll enjoy this one until the lights go out.

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