The Thriller in Cebu?

Seems Cebu is competing to take over the title of The Thriller In Manila where Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier.  Many believe it to be the best boxing match in history. But in Cebu, we have a different thriller, it is Thriller by Michael Jackson

About two years ago, I ran across this video and it kind of blew my mind.  It is a video of the inmates of a prison located in Cebu, Philippines put on a production of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

I remember that I had a hard time understanding this.  Its hard to comprehend that any prison in the US could pull off such a thing.  It may have been my first glimpse into how different things are in the Philippines.

It seems like a good time to share this, most will likely have already found it but not all.   I saw on CNN that the prisoner were making a new version in tribute to the King of Pop but I thought I’d show the original.  Remakes are usually not as good anyway.  Hope you enjoy this light hearted looked at life in Cebu, Philippines.

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