Tough Police Policy In Cebu!

It seems that when things don’t go right in the Philippines, someone gets fired.  When the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) moved into Cordova and arrested a wanted drug pusher the police chief for Cordova was fired.  The policy states:

The policy states that if another agency is able to conduct a single major operation against a crime or criminal within a police chief’s jurisdiction, the police chief would be replaced.

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Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) reported that the trafficker was known as a bit of a “Robin Hood” in the city and that it was unlikely that the police chief didn’t know he was there.

It is the policy to me that is a difficult one to operate under but that is because I come from the USA where it is easy for drug dealers to hide right under a police chief’s nose.

For me, it seems this policy is a way to keep control on corruption.  Much harder for a police chief to be encouraged by a drug dealer to look the other way.  This policy makes it so that there is no need to prove any thing improper was going on.  If there is a wanted criminal in your city, you either handle it or you get fired if someone else does.

The CPPO did go on to say if the police chief felt he couldn’t handle the arrest then he should have reported it and he would have received assistance.

I think this story gives some insight into the culture in Cebu and attempts to keep politics honest.  It doesn’t fit in at all with what most people, especially expats might tell you about the Philippines.  It is stories like this that caused me to question the negative outlook so many have.

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