Rumors In Cebu

About a year ago, we heard that Paul, an acquaintance of mine had been killed on Bantayan Island.  We asked around and quickly found out it was a different Paul than was being discussed here in Bogo City.  We told our Paul Is Deadneighbors that and figured it would stop.

A couple of months ago, they once again were talking about Paul being dead.  I just chuckled and mentioned to Jessie, it must be more fun to tell it as if it was “our Paul.”  Then a week or so later, our landlady also told us Paul was dead and Jessie told her it was a different Paul.

Small towns and rumors go together like white and sugar.  🙂  most of the time, in small towns there is some truth to a rumor.  I guess this one has some truth in it too.  There was a Paul that died on Bantayan Island in a jail there but it wasn’t the Paul that people in Bogo City know.

It all reminds me of the Beatles Album where the four Beatles are crossing the road and Paul seems out of place due to his dress.  Soon after that, there was a buzz in many part of the world and especially in the USA that Paul, Paul McCartney was dead.  It was probably planned and it gave them lots of free publicity.  Some said there was backward masking on the album that repeated “Paul is Dead.”  I suspect that was entirely rumor.  The Beatles kept this rumor going for quite a while by placing various “clues” on their albums.

This all is amusing to me.  I wonder if Paul knows he’s dead.  He and I don’t get along so I don’t know..  This story is not about him, its about the rumor mill in the Philippines.

Its not a bad thing, at least not to me.  People gossip and they gossip every where.  Small towns are much worse because of “the everyone knows everyone syndrome”  Someone once asked Jessie (my girlfriend) if I was Paul’s little brother.  Which Jessie found amusing since I’m close to 10 years older than Paul.

There is no telling what they say about me here.  It would be interesting to know  Perhaps its all good.  Its not much fun to gossip about the good things people do..  🙂

Still I prefer the small town than the big city. I can walk the streets here with much more confidence than I can in Cebu City.  I able to get most of the things here in Bogo that I want but do generally go to the city once a month for those things we can’t get here.

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