Philippine Parks, A Cultural Experience

Instead of driving up and down certain streets to socialize and meet other teens, Filipino teens cruise the parks but they do it on foot.   And it is not limited to teens, the young and the old can be found in the park.  While it is mostly teens and young adults there are older Filipino men and couples in the park.  You can often find couples tucked away in a more quite area of the park enjoying each others company.  Mostly In The Parkyoung couples but not always.

You’ll also find the very young in the park.  The park in Bogo City has a skating area for roller skates, it has a play ground with nice jungle gym and swings.  It is always covered in children.

Many school children will meet there after school.  That includes all levels of school, from grade school, high school and college kids.  They may be having their PE class in the park as well.  You can often see high school and college kids sitting in a circle, talking and socializing.

I enjoy walking down there and sitting as well.  I’ve gone a couple of times during the last week.  I watch the people, especially the Filipina.  🙂  There is a small museum in the park and a library too.

Vendors surround the park, just outside the fence.  There is also an outdoor eatery in the Bogo City park.  Most people refer to it as the Bogo City Plaza.  It has a walk path around the park, sometimes I use that as my walking route.  Usually when it looks like it might rain or I’m not really up to walking so I can cut the walk short if I like.  It is less than a half mile from our home.

I plan on going for a walk tonight.  I’m having some more substantial problems with my skin right now, so walking under the sun would not be a good idea for me.  I had a lesion appear on my forehead out of no where.  Not a good sign.  I need to keep my walks up though, so I will walk down to the wharf tonight if the rain will stay away and then sit in the park for a while.

Then I’ll get to come home and take a lovely freezing cold shower!  LOL  I’ll be glad when we can get a hot water heater!

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