Photos While Living In Cebu

As I walk around the Philippines, mostly around the city of Bogo, I keep my camera strapped around my neck just about every where I go.  When I forget to take it, that’s when I’ll see a dog in a tree (yes it happened a few months ago) or a guy walking around with a bed on his head. 

So I try to take it where ever I go.  Besides, the more pictures you see, the better you learn to see.  Much of Photography is learning to see something interesting where others see only the mundane.  The more one practices the better they get at it.

Have you ever watched a professional work?  They take tons of photos but they keep only a few.  I probably keep too many but then I’m trying to capture more than light and shadows and color, I’m trying to capture my life.  To see the Cebu Photos from October click here.

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