I ran into my first picket pocket in Cebu during Sinulog today. I really blame myself as  I was stupid. I was asking for it. I let my guard down once and that is all it took. I had my wallet and cell phone stolen today. The amazing part to me is they were in different pockets.

Sinulog And Pick Pockets  Are  Common

That’s where I made my mistake. I never put my wallet in my pocket. Doing  it at Sinulog was stupid! I usually either put it in a backpack or give it to Jessie or just leave it home.  My cell phone is also usually in my backpack.

Sinulog In CebuI was looking at a long day so I didn’t take my backpack. My backpack is for my camera. That probably wont surprise regular readers. 🙂 It is kind of heavy and Jessie suggested we take hers and I took my extra battery and lens and left the rest of it in the hotel. Yeah, I can trust the hotel I’m staying at. It is Pacific Pension in case your looking for one in Cebu City.

I went through a thick group of people.  Right after I did, I thought that was stupid and reached for my billfold expecting it to be there but it was not there! About 5 minutes later I remember my phone and checked the other pocket and it too was gone.

I’m pretty sure I saw the two people that did it. They struck me as odd. Well, one made me mad and I think I scared her to death. I was walking and she was coming at me, stepped in front of me and that made me angry.  Probably part of the plan. After about 10 seconds my temper got going. You see someone else came at me from the side so I was blocked. So I just started walking right over her.  haha

The look on her face told me something wasn’t right and she quickly disappeared but the girl at the side of me followed. I thought how odd, she’s staring out at the street like she wants to get close to the  parade but doesn’t walk across my path. I actually slowed a little so she could but she didn’t.  This is the classic teamwork of distract and pilfer the pockets.

At first I was pretty angry at the low life that did this to me but then I became angry with me. I should have never ever had my billfold in my pocket during Sinulog.  Not two hours before that I told Jessie I suspect the pick pockets of Cebu are pretty active during Sinulog.

I consider this my fault. True, the world should be such that law abiding people don’t have to worry about this kind of thing. That’s not the world we live in and I knew Sinulog was a pick pocket heaven. I was hot and tired after watching the parade for six hours. People getting in my way for the last four hours further hacking me off. I told Jessie we better go before i punch someone. lol Hey that was pretty demanding on me. I was often able to sit but I had to as my legs go numb. I’m glad they go numb because where they are not numb they burn or ache.

Sinulog DancerThey didn’t get a dime. I had no money in my wallet. They will be able to sell my cell phone for a few hundred pesos but probably not much. I paid P3000 for it a couple of months ago. I’m more upset about loosing my sim card and phone numbers than I am the phone. I’ve been thinking of getting something I can browse the web with. I do really need that but have not had that since I moved to the Philippines.

The biggest problem is loosing my ID and credit cards.  I don’t know how much luck I’m going to have in getting my DL replaced. My gun permit was also taken, that is my concealed carry permit. I’ve already cancelled some of the cards and will get the rest very soon. If anyone has had any experience with replacing ID cards while in the Philippines, I’d love to hear about it.

I don’t think I really have a state any more. I really want to stay a resident of Tennessee as they have no state income tax. Also they are the only state that will have my picture on file. I’m kind of in a mess here as far as my ID goes.

Got Some Awesome Pics At Sinulog

I filed a police report so I could show evidence that it was taken. Maybe that will help. It can’t  hurt. I couldn’t get a copy tonight. I have to go to Cebu City Hall and pay P55 then go back to the police station to get a copy of it. When at the police station  another Kano was filing his report.  The police said we were case number nine for the day. No telling how many cases went unreported. The police said most of their reports had to do with spouses getting lost from each other during Sinulog.

Am I sorry I went to Sinulog? I was for about 10 minutes but then I realized that I fouled up. I got complacent and boom, I got hit. So no, I’m not sorry at all. I got some great pictures but I have to get back to Bogo city to get them  ready. I’m going to pick one or two for this story and then publish it. I may actually go back out tonight. The streets are full of people and there are some things I’d like to see tonight.  The problem is, I’m in pain. LOL I may take this glorified aspirin I have and take off.  I can tell that Jessie wants to go back out. And Sinulog comes but once per year and I’d like to experience more of it.

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