Shopping in Cebu City, Philippines

The first stop was Duty Free which provides a lot of items in demand by Americans.  Perhaps other westerners as well, but I don’t know what those other westerners use.  A lot of it are the simple things, like Spam.  They have lots of Spam.  There must be a massive demand for that.  We picked up five cans there that were hickory smoked as that’s not available in most Filipino owned stores.  The cost at Duty Free was higher than SM.  When we made our way to SM, we learned that the SM chain had lowered their price from P115 to P98.  I love competition, the consumer almost always wins.

I loved the uniform of of the security guard at Duty Free.  I don’t know if he had a gun as we couldn’t see it but I suspect he did.  He checked out packages as we went out.  A common thing in the Philippines and thats when I realized he was security.  I wish I had taken a second picture using a flash but I didn’t.  Though I have not seen anyone dressed this way, Jessie says people in the Philippines used to dress this way but they don’t any more for the most part.  She’s only seen it during festivals and programs when in school.

Security Guard at Duty Free

Just outside of Kultura Filipino there is a display of a Filipina cutting and rolling cigars by hand.  I may take a video camera next time and get a video of her doing this.  I wish I had a smaller video camera.  Mine is about 10 years old so it is huge by today’s standards.Pretty Filipina Rolling Cigars By Hand

She just finished rolling that one.  When you buy some of their premium cigars they give you one or two of these.  They gave me two even though I only bought three.

I am a little bit nervous about getting them, it has been 24 years since I last smoked.  I’ve wanted a cigar for years but afraid that might start my old habit back.  I don’t want to do that.  These five are as much if not more than I wish to use in a month.

Rusty Smoking Hand Rolled Filipino Cigar.  I watched the Filipina roll this before it was given to me.

There is an older lady that can often be found chewing on a huge cigar.   We see her most days when I go for a walk.  I’m planning on giving her one of the hand rolled ones today.  I’ll be going out for a walk soon.

SM or Shoe Mart Mall is one of the largest Mall in the world.  SM started out as a small store known as “Shoe Mart”.  Now it is a chain of stores and large modern malls.   There are rides for the kids, more ways to get lost than hairs on you head.  It was the fourth largest mall in the world but they just opened a huge addition and I would be surprised if it was not ranked higher these days in size.

Lighting In SM Mall

Another shot within the mall is this picture.  It will give you an idea of how expansive and modern the mall is.  Oh and Jessie told me she wanted this kind of lighting in our home.  LOL  She’s so easy to please, no?

SM Mall Cebu City Philippines

I hope you enjoyed my Cebu exploration.  Though I’ve been to all these places before, its always different in some ways.  I had a nice trip and enjoyed it.  Mostly I enjoyed the Kultura Filipino displays.  I hope that store will be successful.  We have a store like that here in Bogo City but much smaller.  Their prices are also much less though!

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