Church in Cebu

Pictures in the Series of Cebu Churches have been added to the blog.  This month I visited Basilica del Santo Nino and have posted the pictures here.

My favorite picture in this month’s series was not religious in nature but is part of  the culture around this busy religious center in Cebu Crucifix within Basilica del Santo NinoCity.  I’ve posted the picture at the link above so I wont include it here as well.

I had visited this location once before but didn’t fully appreciate it.  This time I researched it on Wikipedia and discovered some significant history and made the visit much more meaningful.

I didn’t post any pictures last month so I might post two sets this month.  I plan on taking a trip north tomorrow.  It has cooled off again and will be a good time to go.  I would go today but Jessie is not feeling well.  I’ve finally forced some antibiotics down her so she’ll likely be better tomorrow.

I’ll probably hold those pictures until next month.   There’s only so many churches in Cebu, after all.  🙂  I’ve seen many I’d like to visit but riding a bus makes that difficult.  I can’t get off where ever I please.  Well I could but I’d have to pay the bus  fare again. 🙂

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