Bogo City Flowers

During my walks last week, I stumbled upon some flowers.  I always do.  On this post, I decided to showcase some from my recent walks.  You know, I really need a GPS.  Perhaps I should just get one.  But I need to ask around on what to get first and I need one that is cheap!  What I really need is a GPS built into my camera.  🙂 I’m going to bet that gets added to some camera.  It would be perfect for those Olympus cams  that I’ve been considering since they are marketed to the active culture.

Anyway, here are some pictures of flowers from my recent walks.  I think this one might be from a flowering weed!  I am not certain though.   Filipino often plant flowers along the road but they also grow wild along the road.  If I remember correctly, this one was not in front of a home but in front of fish pounds.

Flowers of The Philippines

It has two rows of petals which is not usual.  The colors are so bright on this flower its hard to process them in my computerized dark room.  They wanted to go into “glow mode.”

Philippine Flower

This photo is of a flowering tree.  I’ve walked past it many times as it grows near the Pizza Pub at the Bogo City Plaza.  I don’t think it has had flowers before.   I think,  I would have noticed.    Its dainty yet stunning.   Jessie calls it a Bougainvillea Tree.  Looking at Wikipedia, she appears to be correct even if Wikipedia doesn’t list it growing here.

Jessie doesn’t know the name of this one but she says its not a wild flower.  Once again, it is growing along the road side.  We discovered it during one of  my walks around Bogo City.

Philippine Flower

I don’t want to leave the impression that I photograph every flower I see because I don’t.  I do it enough that Jason, our eight year old, now photographs flowers a lot as well.

This picture is not perfect, but that’s okay its still a pretty flower.  I’m pretty sure I have more of this flower on the site.  It is a common flower here in Cebu.  I look forward to growing some of our own flowers soon.

We got the kids a Fisher Price Camera for Christmas but its usually out of batteries.   We plan to buy some rechargeable this month but will have to build that up slowly.

It really is true that kids imitate us, regardless of what we tell them, they will do what we do, not what we say!   Glad he didn’t see me when I was his age!

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