Walking In Bogo City

This post covers the period from 03-02-09 to 03-06-09 and over 50 pictures.  There are a lot of pictures during these days that I like.  So this post will be spread over several pages.  The last page will contain a gallery of all the pictures in this series.

I’ve been going on longer walks, struggling to get weight off and blood sugar under control.  I’ve had some success and some set backs but lots of pictures.  I’ve been trying to walk two miles for at least two days and then a day off.  These longer walks give me lots of time to take pictures.

Now its getting really hot.  Officially there are only two seasons in the tropics, the wet and dry season.  We are in the dry season and culturally this period is known as summer.

The exact beginning and end of summer varies from Filipino to Filipino but that’s because there is no official summer.  Yet there are festivals based on summer time. Some schools are out for summer now, other will be out soon.  Today the temperature was 33C which I think is about 92 ot 93F and the lowest humidity were likely over 45%.

I waited until the sun was almost down before I walked today and then had to cut it a bit short because Jessie wanted to get back for the all important American Idol.  🙂  But I did get 30 minutes of aerobic time in as she went on inside and I kept walking.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of pretty Filipina of all ages. On March 2, I ran into quite a few which I’ll display here for the pleasure of the guys. This little angel  (pictured below) was braver than most.  Most little girls will look at me but this one even waved.  Usually the best I can hope for is a smile.  They are almost always very curious about the large hairy white guy but most are also afraid of me.

Jessie tells me when she was growing up she was told that white people ate Filipino so as a child she was afraid.  She doesn’t think people still tell the little ones that on regular basis though.  This one looks like she could be a little bit bossy and probably wrap me around her finger.  I am a sucker for little girls.

Little Filipina
Hottie Filipina

The above picture was taken at the BBQ by the Bay.  We don’t usually get here during the day but the days are getting longer and we got there a bit early on this day. Easier in the day we had the pleasure of standing in line at the ATM.  Always a lot of fun and too many times, they go down just as we get our turn.  Today also provided some very beautiful Filipina.  Some looked friendly enough to allow me to take their picture.

This little hottie was standing in line behind us.  I took her picture just after Jessie and I finished our turn  at the machine.  Very friendly lady and not as shy as they often are. This below babes was just across the street from the bank.  The pretty girls were out today and I was click happy.  There are far more pretty girls out.  Some look like they might be open to a picture.  Others hold up their hand and say “I shy.”  Sometimes I can coax a picture out of them other times I can’t.

Filipina Hottie

These two Filipina below were not exactly cooperative but not totally fighting the picture either.  I think they were some where in between liking the attention but embarrassed by it at the same time.  Not sure of their age but they are probably over 18 but I have no way of knowing that.  However old they are, they are pretty girls.


Pretty Filipina

Hottiel Filipina

These pictures were all taken on the way to the bank or standing in line. There seemed to be many pretty Filipina out this day.  Some will let me take pictures. I have to keep working my charms on them I suppose. LOL  Charm of a grizzly bear?  Go to PAGE TWO!.

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