Photos While walking in Bogo City

Captured this beautiful girl near sunset today.  It is easy to sometimes  forget just how pretty a girl is when you are with her every day.  A fresh look at Jessie always reminds me how beautiful she is.  So beautiful that it makes it hard to forget how beautiful she is!

I also captured these sunsets on that same day for my walk down to the wharf.  A child was sitting on the bamboo floats added to boats to stabilize them.  He started running when he saw me but the picture still turned out well, I think.

Sunset On The Bay

Jessie took the above picture, I’d say she’s getting better fast.  It is fun to watch her grow.  Just hope she doesn’t outgrow me along the way.

The Filipino below is offloading a boat.  Notice the size and tone of his muscles.  Filipino are a hard working group of people and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.  Though I’m not sure what is in the sack, it is most likely rice.  I’m glad I’m not carrying it on my head, especially while crossing those thin planks the Filipino use to get on and off a pump boat!

The clouds at one end of town and the sun setting at the other end of town setup some stunning colors for us to assist in our picture taking efforts for the day.

Bogo City Market Area

This picture is taken from the wharf near our home while viewing the public market areas.  It seemed to be sparkling like the Land of Oz on this day.  Didn’t fully capture but got close.  It was a very beautiful scene!

The below picture shows the expats hanging out at Tambayan.  One of the cheaper places to buy beer so there are usually lots of expats and vendors and girls in the area.  Girls can’t be too obvious though as girls that hang out there get a bad reputation and that’s still important here in the Philippines.


And finally the gallery of the pictures I took today while living in Cebu.

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