Living and Playing in Bogo City

On the seventh day of March 2009 we were invited to join a group for some BBQ and Disco.  Being the first part of the month, I still had spending cash and off we went.  First, we stopped at the Pizza Pub and had some sausage and beer and maybe a cigar.  I enjoy sitting outside of the pub when its not too hot.  I can see and socialize with the Filipino, especially the pinay (females).


They have people that like to come sit out there and not buy anything which is kind of ridiculous as that prevents paying customers from sitting there and spending their money!  So they have started putting out more signs asking people not to do that.

I’ve never seen this spelling of the word “attention” before, if they do it in the USA, I never noticed it.  It could be I’m being more observant here as there are so many new things.

Signs of The Philippines


In attempt to make it even more clear, they also write this on the other side of the placard.  While most Filipino can read English, and write it to some extent, not all can read this.  Too many children are forced out of school at an early age so that they can help feed the family.  The Philippines is going to great lengths to try to curb this.  The World Bank is also trying to help keep kids in school.  But now, I’m getting off the subject. 🙂

Signs of The Philippines

I don’t get pizza there much at all now, they messed it up and made me paid for it and that still does not set well with me.  I’m also cutting back on the pizza as much as possible. I can’t loose weight and eat those too.  One of them puts everything I lost back on.  Sometimes though it is the cheapest option as it can be shared with more than one person.


Jean, Greg, LIsa and Jo Jo

Greg is looking quite pleased with himself on this night and how could you blame him?  From here we went on to the Japer’s Disco.  We had a lot of fun, I made a couple of new friends.   Jessie and I have become rather close to Jean.  And Lisa plans to come for a visit tonight to check out the monkey we got yesterday.

This monkey is not as tame as George was.  She is older.  She may never be as tame.  Right now all she is out of her cage and not really even interested in food.   She discard the orange, turned her nose up at the yellow banana and ate some of the rice and spilled a lot more of it on the floor.  She’s not use to having so much to eat but she needs to eat, she’s pretty thin.

I’ll close this post with a gallery of pictures which includes some taken at the disco and of Jean coming for a visit the next day.  Jessie bought some cleaning supplies from her.  Jean has a business selling these supplies which earns her some money.

We had a brown out in Bogo today.  First one in a while.  I don’t think they did one last month.  I don’t recall about January.  Now we are back in the peak heating months.  When we got up this morning we found the air conditioner out.  Jessie and I woke when our new monkey called out to us.

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