A Couple of Days in the Life of an Expat Living In Cebu

Signs of hope in the form of a beautiful rainbow over Bogo City.  Its always hard to get pictures of a rainbow.  I wish I had tried a little harder as I didn’t do any manual settings on this.  I was afraid it might rain on me.  I was also on my walk and didn’t want to stop for a long time to keep the aerobic time up.  That wasn’t very smart though, how often is it one see’s a rainbow as full or beautiful as this one was?  Hopefully it wont by another 10 or 20 or maybe 40 years before I see one this nice.  I’m not sure when I saw one this stunning but it has been a long time.    The pictures in this article where taken during March 14th through March 16th 2009

Ranbow In Bogo

Jason  went to the barber and came back scalped!  He had lice.  In the USA, I don’t think there is any place where one can get a hair cut if they have lice.  Here, they have a different way of fighting it, they just remove all the

hair.  He seemed to be happy with it.  Its also summer time now so I’m sure it felt a lot better.  I just hope they don’t do the same thing to me.  No, I don’t have lice. 🙂  I don’t know what they would do with a girl!  Since we don’t have any of those, we are not likely to face it.

Here is picture of Jermain.  He’s all boy, rough and tumble and nothing calm about him.  Don’t know where this scratch mark came from but not surprised to see it there! He’s gotta be 100% testosterone and full of fire.  He loves to show off and acts big with his chest puffed out when I go wow after he shows me how fast he can run or how far he can jump.

Jessie’s been getting bolder with the camera this month and took some decent pictures of me.  That’s not an easy thing to do.  I spent  an entire $2.10 on this new hat.  I got it to help keep the sun off me.  The tropical sun is really harsh this time of the year.  They had two of them, I wish I had  purchased them both!  Now there are none left.

Or how about this one, this picture reminds me of George, my first Philippine monkey, and all his attitude with his head turned sideways.  It looks like I’m full of attitude.  Someone on the web called me Rambo today which is hilarious to me



Finally a gallery of all the pictures taken during these days.  This was just a few days before we left for Bantayan Island and that means I have finally got to the point where I will be processing my pictures from that trip which also include pictures of the church I visited this month.  The church is around 500 years old!


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