Electrical Brownout In Bogo

We lost power today for a few hours so off we went to Jollibee.  It didn’t last long so we headed home pretty early.  I had to really fight the urge to eat too much.   I managed though and soon after the lights were back on, we returned home.

Before returning home though, I took some pictures of Jessie and thought they would be a good way to help people, especially guys, understand why  I move to the Philippines.

Hottie Filipina

As you can see, Jollibee’s looks remarkably like McDonald’s.  Its also too expensive, like McDonald’s is.   Its a lot cheaper than McDonald’s though.  Let’s see two Cokes and four fries was about $6.00.   But more of my favorite hottie Filipina.  A closer shot of Jessie at the counter.

Jessie In Jollibee

I didn’t quit there though, she was giving me a hard time about taking her picture so I told her the only way I would stop is if she cooperated.  LOL

More pictures from our mini outing will be displayed on the next page.  Click the next page link below to continue.

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