Which Ever Way The Monsoon Blows in Cebu

Thought I’d post some pictures I’ve taken in the last week during my walks.  Not walking to any place in particular, just walking here or there.  Trying to loose some weight and meeting the Filipino. Expats and tourist, get out of your cars and off your motors and walk.  You’re missing the Philippines if you drive every where you go.  I miss far more of the Philippines even doing walking.  Until I’m in their homes, experiencing their life the way they do, I’m missing much.Bogo City Public Market

Either Queenie or Nel asked for some pictures of the market.  Though I have some pictures of the market around, I made it a point to get some more.  The market makes Jessie uncomfortable, not for any reason other than so many people and so many of them concentrating on me and thus her.

Some are jealous of her because she’s with me and make comments. I wonder about people that see us, stop talking and then laugh after we pass by.  Do they think we really don’t know what they are saying? We know, I’m only mentioning it as it is so not a Filipino thing to do.  Jessie is stunning to look at so they may assume she was a bar girl, she’s not, never was, never could be.  Its just not in her make up.  She’s far too shy.

I also mentioned it because I remember a group of guys on this walk that were particularly obvious.  One time we walked past a group of guys that said “give us a show” and I’m like what the heck?  Hard not to say something to them but it is best for both of us if I don’t. Let them think what they want, what difference does it make if a completely stranger that I will never see again is wrong?  It makes no difference.

With the cooler temperatures I’ve been spending more time in the park.  The park is a place to “troll” but amazingly the pinoy don’t seem to know this.  I see lots of girls doing it but few guys.  Come on guys, get out of in front of the TV.  Have you not seen the girls here?  LOL

Jessie Looking Steamy

Jessie In The Park

That’s Jessie giving me a would you please stop look but it came out super hot I think.  🙂  Even by her standards.

The other day I was talking to a friend and asked about a former neighbor.  She said he was long gone.  He always had really hot girls at his place.  She told me that his girlfriends ripped him off.

Careful guys, if you’re gong to do that kind of thing, I wouldn’t recommend the bar girls and to move very slow. There’s nothing special about you.  When they get tired of you, it is not hard for them to replace you.  It is just not the place for finding a mate.  Oh, some do it but most end up in a bad place, leaving the country in disgust.  Bar girls are not the average Filipina. Now I don’t mean all bar girls.  I know some guys that have found some lovely and loyal ladies there.   If your not loyal to them, I wouldn’t expect them to return it.  Filipina are far to use to dishonest men and from what I can tell, until you commit to them they will not commit to you.

Bar Girls does not refer to girls in the bar. These are girls that make their living in the bars. There are many stories out there where guys have sent money to their Filipina girlfriends only to get here and find that nothing they told them was true. It is not uncommon for girls to make a living by getting guys to send them money. Guys they meet on the Internet. It is just a fact of life. Sometimes they are married and have no intention of following through on their promises. Most of the guys they talk too though are also just having a fantasy and never really intend to come to the Philippines. Even though you may be very sincere, they may not realize that. They’ve heard it too many times.

I’m trying something different this time, I’ve split this post into several pages. Its easy to miss the page numbers just below the last paragraph. So I’m going to point it out this time. It will help to speed up the pages and allow me to post more pictures in full size.

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