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Walking around the Philippines during the Christmas season brings new experiences here in Cebu.  My favorite is when someone sees me and breaks out into song, usually a pre-teen boy with his hand out.  I sure wish I was as rich as people think.   But some people walk down the street singing and are not asking for money.  And these are sane people too!

Be hard to find that in The States, I know.  Some things are much nicer in the Philippines or my little part of it.  I’m slowly learning not to equate my experiences toward the rest of the Philippines.  There are vast differences from town to town.

Most of the pictures I took during Christmas shopping didn’t turn out very good, too much sun in the wrong place or some other issue.  I have to try again to get more pictures of the market.

I went out tonight, there was a Christmas party in the town square.  City Employees singing and dancing or at least trying too.  Okay so they are not the best performers in the world but I enjoyed their home town show.  Its not flashy, its not perfect but it is real.  i loved it.  Didn’t last long and we didn’t stay for all of it as we were going down the bay for BBQ and it was raining.  More like super humid, so much so the water just kind of got squeezed out.  I took some pictures, I don’t know how they will turn out.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took since the 12th that turned out okay.

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