Bogo City Living in Pictures

I’m a little behind in getting my pictures posted.  Always so many opportunities to take pictures, so little time t0 share them.

This has been a busy month for me.   It started with a trip to Virgin Beach Resort.   We followed that up with an overnight stay in Cebu City and finally a trip to Bantayan Island.   That’s over 350 pictures taken for the month!  I don’t think I’ve taken that many in a single month since my third month here when I traveled to Leyte Province.

The pictures in this article show my day to day life here in the Philippines.  Wow what a life I have now.   I don’t see how it could get any better.   Well, my kids could be here.  Oh how could I forget, I could be rich.  Oh wait, I’m already rich, I just don’t have a lot of money.  This is a rich life!

Swimming in the ocean, hanging out at the pizza pub, smoking big fat cigars walking around the Philippines taking pictures of beautiful scenes and beautiful women.

Street Vendor PhilippinesThis photo was taken while I was at the Bogo City Pizza Pub.   The Pizza Pub is across from the city plaza.  Parks are central to the culture of the Philippines.  People hang out there, meeting with friends and family and meeting new people too.  I enjoy sitting outside Pizza Pub and having some Hungarian Cheese Sausage.  Its quite good but the pub is far too often out of it.  Then I end up getting something I shouldn’t.  I need to stop eating pizza, as much as I love it.

I enjoy hanging out here though and watching the people pass by.   Seeing some folks I know.  Sometimes meeting new people myself.

The following picture is another street vendor with a couple of customers.

Street Vendor Philippines

While we were at the pub, these two boys showed up.   They were fascinated with me and my cigar.  One boy looked at his picture in my camera and giggled.  He thought it was the coolest thing.  I guess it was the first time he had seen himself in a picture.

Street Vendor PhilippinesJessie decided to buy these children a treat from a street vendor.   They enjoyed it and then left us for a bit.  However, later they returned.  They didn’t bother me.  Its part of being in the Philippines.

It is still safe for children to be out alone in Bogo City and many more places in the Philippines.  I hope that doesn’t change in my lifetime.

It is Saturday and I think its time to go visit the plaza and have some more of that sausage!

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