Exploring The Streets of Cebu

February 2nd through February 7th

While walking in Cebu City, I ran across this older Filipina and this picture is my favorite for the five day period. Older FilipinaI took her hand and held the back of it to my forehead.   This ritual is called mano po and is a sign of respect.  I’ve had children do this to me as I walk down the street.  I pick at Jessie and ask her to give me mano po but she looks like she’s going to stick a spear in me instead. LOL I so often take pictures of pretty young Filipina but I really like to take pictures of older people too.  Their faces are so often full of character.   This woman’s happy nature despite the likely hardships in her life is something that I see everyday here in the Philippines.  It’s a part of the Philippines that is hard to get across in words.  Beauty comes in many forms and there is beauty in this picture. Then there is the modern and young Filipina.  This one was rather flamboyant even before the camera came up to capture her.  Her pose was noticed by her expat partner and I’m not sure he was as amused as she and I was. Hottie Filipina After I took this one, Jessie said “she’s posing for you” and even though I was a long way from her, her partner turned around to see what was going on.  He could tell she was posing too.  It didn’t stop her or I though as I followed up with this one. Filipina Jessie said she had a dream the other day where I picked out a dress for her but she thought it was a lamp shade at first and refused to wear it.  So the sales girl said that she would put it on for me.   I then started taking pictures of the sales girl posing for me in this extremely short lamp shade dress.  Before the dream was over, someone had stole my camera and the thief was beating me.  Hmmm, is there a message there?  LOL I love taking pictures of pretty Filipina.  I wish I could find someone that would model for me but it would be misunderstood if I tried to hire one and might get me thrown in jail.  🙂  So I don’t go there. Please visit the next page to continue this article about walking in Cebu.

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