Reflexology, Part of Living In The Philippines

Yesterday I had my first reflexology session.  I did it mostly because I have pain in my lower legs most of the time and I’m hoping it will help that.  The pain is not severe but the constant nagging gets old and maybe its worse than I realize.  I try to block it out.  Last thing I want to do is think about it.

Henry administering Reflexology on my foot.

Henry administering Reflexology on my foot.

I started taking Norgesic Forte for it a few months back and I was so thrilled for about a month.  The pain was gone but now its back, not as bad as it was before but it came back.  Now, if I do nothing for it, the pain gets very bad in my calves and my shoulder too.  I would call it severe.

Jessie had been telling me about reflexology a year before I came to the Philippines.  I had never heard of it so I looked around and found that in Memphis, the fortune tellers practised reflexology.  That was not a place I was likely to go.  I thought I’d try it once I got here, Jessie said it was very popular here.

Reflexology, The Pain

Reflexology involves the feet, mostly massage.  but a very vigorous massage.  Its been more than 24 hours, Jessie and I both had it done and we are both still sore. Not bad, its almost a feels good kind of sore.  My calf MIGHT be a little better but I’ll give it time before I saw for sure.  I have good days and bad days on that.  I don’t think its suppose to cure everything from one treatment.

Me in pain during the reflexology treatement

Me in pain during the reflexology treatment

Reflexology and the Torture Device

Reflexology seems to be done differently around the world.  People here all acknowledge that there is pain involved but that it gets better as you have more treatments.  When someone digs there knuckle into your foot its going to hurt. I saw this technique on the Amazing Race in another Asian country.  It doesn’t stop there though.

The reflexologist pushes this into the bottom of your foot.

The reflexologist pushes this into the bottom of your foot.

Reflexology, The Magic

There is a touch of magic with reflexology. You could call it superstition, spiritual healing or even a bit of black magic.  I’ll not think of it as black magic  though.  What am I talking about?  As he was working on my feet, he’d work on an area and then move his hands down my foot and pull on my toes.  It was as if he was pulling the illness out of my foot.  Then after he was finished, he picked up the towel under my foot and bundled it up and then took it outside to get rid of the “bad stuff.”

Reflexology a Cure

They do claim reflexology cures all kinds of conditions.  I’m not looking for cures but I’ll take them if I get them. 🙂  I do hope it will help with the pain in my legs.  It may not but I’ll find out as I’ll keep doing it.  If nothing else, it is part of my becoming more of a Cebuano.

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