Shortages and Outages in the Philippines

Sometimes, I think the Philippines will run out of air next!  You may ask why I say this.  The reason is, lately it seems we are out of everything here in Cebu.  Its a bigger problem living out in small Jungle City, Like Bogo City.

Outage and Shortages in The PhilippinesI think it took me a while to realize that we are just that.  A city tucked away in the jungle of northern Cebu province.  There are small mountains all around Bogo City.  Its really a wonderful place to live, especially for the kids.  Its still safe to wonder the streets here.  Kids can play without much threat of some intentional human inflicted harm.

The one thing I don’t see a shortage of here is kids.  Perhaps people are busy making babies when they run out of everything else.  🙂

Electricity Outages in The Philippines

Lately, electricity has been a problem.  Not just in Cebu or Bogo City.  There are nationwide power outages in the last few months.  I was thinking it was time to move back to the big city of Cebu but then I found out, its no better there.  From what I can gather, Cebu has been hit less hard than most other areas.

As I typed this, my Netbook is beeping as its low on power and I’m sitting in front of a battery powered fan that has to be getting low on power too. As its been on for several hours now.  Wow has it helped take the edge off the heat.  We bought it just yesterday.  I wanted a small fold up fan.  Guess what, there’s a shortage of those too.  Jessie went to all the camping and sports stores, but no luck.

The electrical outages have been more common in the last few months.  There is an ongoing drought in the Philippines and much of the electricity in the Philippines is produced via dams

Medication Outages in Bogo City

Recently, I ran out of a medication I considered to be essential.  It is Effexor, used to hold depression at bay.  It is one of the SSRI’s but it is also an NNSI.  It is dangerous to just stop taking these kinds of drugs.

It is not uncommon though for other medications to be of short supply.  Usually I have not problem getting them within a week.  For that reason is good idea to keep extra on hand.  I buy my medications monthly.  SO for many of them, I keep two extra weeks on hand.  Its not a major problem but if you have multiple health problems, you should consider this.  Just keep extra on hand.  For most drugs you do not need a prescription.  Just one of the many benefits of living in the Philippines.

Even if you live in Cebu City, it can be hard to find certain medications at any time.  Effexor is one of those.  Xanax is a problem, sometimes I think the pharmacy will tell you they don’t have them, even if they do.  Especially if you call and ask.  If you go, with a prescription, they may or not tell you they have it.  One hospital refused to fill it since my prescription came from a doctor outside their hospital .

Cokes and Food

In the Philippines, Coke Zero is often out of stock.  Even in Cebu City many restaurants don’t even try to carry it.  In Bogo City, even fewer places have it.  I can get it at the BBQ by the Bay though.  And most of the time our local Jolliebee will have it.  They are out of stock a lot too though.  I have been unable to find caffeine free Coke in the Philippines at all.  So not I have to add caffeine to my addictions.  🙂  I cannot drink Coke with sugar.  That just makes me too  sick to enjoy it.  I’ve never seen a shortage of Coke regular though.

I usually have to go 80 miles south just to get Spam.  🙂  What really gets peoples attention is when I tell them, its 80 miles just to get a cigar.  That’s okay, I don’t need them.  🙂

Sorry I Live In The Philippines

Am I sorry I live in t he Philippines?  Heck No!  I could go back to the States any time I wished.   I don’t wish.  If not for these shortages, life here would be better.  There is also some other shortages.   There’s a shortage of crime.  That’s the first thing to come to mind.  Yes, I know there is crime here.  I don’t feel the need to carry a firearm here.  In my home town, I don’t consider that to be an option.  Instead, in Memphis, Tn. or Jackson, Ms. I consider it a duty for law abiding citizens to arm themselves.  Violent crime is far less common in the Philippines than in those two places.  In Bogo City, violent crime is very low.

Deciding to live the expat life style and specifically to do in the Philippines was the right choice for me.  One thing there is ample supply of here is love.   I’ve been here around 2 and half years now and the more I learn about the Filipino, the more I like and respect them.  Anyone that does not respect the Filipino is either a fool or badly misinformed.

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