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I’ve been a bit frustrated lately as I’ve not had much to say.  i know, it’s not like me, I usually excel at talking about myself.  LOL

I’ve been walking.  Maybe not as much as I once did but I try hard not to let two days pass where I don’t walk.  in other words, i try to walk at least  every other day.  I didn’t walk today but I did yesterday.  And boy my legs hurt.

I’ve had muscle pain for years and I’ve taken a muscle relaxer for years.  It is not available here and I’ve

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been trying to cut back as i prepare to change to something else.  If this new drug doesn’t work for me, I’m going to be in a lot of pain.  Also, what I have been taking makes you very sleepy.  i didn’t like to take it when I was working as i could get up.  It would leave you hung over for two days.  Another doctor wanted me  to take it even when not in pain so I would sleep better.  I couldn’t even take half of one.  Once I stopped working and realized I could sleep for as long as i wanted, I started taking it every night.

That really helped with the pain in my calves, shoulders and left fore-arm..  My calves have hurt me all my life but I took it for the shoulder pain which has been intense..  The pain in my calves are a lot worse now though.  Today has been a painful day.. Jessie just pounded on my calves, that helped a lot  The pain is deep so it takes strong hands to massage them.  Stronger than most women would have.  Maybe I should  give four or five to rub on them. LOL

On my walk yesterday, Jessie was in Cebu so the girls were a LOT more flirtatious.  Now, I think that word has different connotations for Americans than it does for Filipino in general.  Some Americans see it as something bad too.  For me and most people I know, flirting is just something people do to have a little fun with the opposite sex.  It can and usually means, “I’m” interested but it isn’t a bad thing at all.

One thing I’ve noticed about Filipina, they are a lot more flirty than they are really ready to go through with anything.  As soon as I speak to them, they start getting bashful.  Yesterday everyone of them that flirted or spoke to me got their picture taken.  That will teach them.  LOL

Two girls were just watching and watching.  Really pretty girls.  There were with a third girl, also attractive but I think a little older and she wasn’t playful at all.  I started following them and told them “‘awww don’t be like that.”  Then I said something like you’re scared and that got one of them to turn around but every time I’d pull the camera up she’d turn around again.  I never did get a good picture out of those two.  At least i don’t think so.

I’m behind on my pictures from last month.  I changed from Windows to Linux.  That means I had to erase everything and start over.  Now I had my pictures backed up but I didn’t have all my changes saved.  So I have to do that again.  It is several hours of work and I just hate doing something twice.  Especially tedious things and this is tedious.  The captions are not something I enjoy doing but I think they add a lot to the viewer so i add them.

I also have all this new software I’m trying to learn.  Linux is much faster and more secure.  Right now there are some pretty devastating malware floating around in online videos and Jessie loves to watch video online.  My computer was a mess.  I don’t know she picked up the bugs but she’s been having these kinds of issues for as long as I’ve known her and I don’t usually have them.  So I tend to think she helped them along.    There was software she wanted to install, I finally gave in and sure enough the problems started.  I’ve done the same kind of things in the past, I learned the hard way too.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been a little bit quiet.  I’m working really hard.  This is even becoming too much like a job so I’m kind of trying to back off a little bit.  I don’t want it to be a job.  I want it to be for fun.  I need a bit break.  I also need to post on all seven of my blogs every day.  I’ve not been coming close to that

Some of them are not things I’m really all that interested in, they are to make money.  This one and HeyJoe.Ph and RustyFerguson.Com are all very important and very much of an interest to me.  Its not all just about money.

Now I love taking pictures and working with them but it is time consuming and I really hate doing it twice. I plan to start traveling around Cebu and taking pictures of Churches. There are many very old ones here and very beautiful ones all over the Philippines.

The kids will be getting a camera for Christmas too.  It’s from Fisher Price and digital.  Its made to be bounced around and keep on working.  That should be fun.  its water proof too.  Having it not getting lost or stolen may be an issue.  i told Jessie I want her to make a scrap book of the pictures they take.

Well that pretty much gets you caught up with me.  I hope I’ll be up to walking tomorrow.  I got a bit sick today, but of a sore throat and this pain.  Hopefully it will not develop into something more troubling.  My gums hurt too.  That’s kind of odd.  Actually its the jawbone itself that is hurting.

Please do have a Merry Christmas.   I’m always here and pictures are being worked on.

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