We left The Tops in Cebu City and headed to the Lapu Lapu Shrine. It was a long drive. I’m not sure how far but at least an hour and probably closer to an hour and half. It was dark by the time we got to the Lapu Lapu Shrine. I went to Tops during the day and I wanted to go at night. I went to the Lapu Lapu Shrine at night and I wanted to go at night. I should have skipped Tops but we were somewhat close so we went.

The Lapu Lapu Shrine in Cebu City

Lapu Lapu ShrineThe Lapu Lapu Shrine is located on Mactan Island. The cities there are considered a part of Metropolitan Cebu. Lapu Lapu city is a “Highly Urbanized City” which means it does not come under the control of the governor of Cebu.  The Shrine itself is right on the coastline. It had rained on our way there and the humidity was high. It was very hot when we visited even though it was at night.

I did get some cool night shots. The quality isn’t that great because I don’t have a tripod but I still like the pictures. I have plans to buy a tripod but the one I want cost over $500! I need to by an external flash first. I’ll add to my camera equipment over time and eventually buy a better camera too.

The Lapu Lapu Shrine includes a 20 meter statue of Datu Lapu-Lapu who defeated the Spaniards inMagellan shrine in Cebu City 1952 during the Battle of Mactan. I see the his name and the city’s name spelled in several different ways so I’m not sure which is correct. Sometimes Lapu Lapu is hyphenated. Sometimes it is not and sometimes King Lapulapu is spelled as one word. It was spelled that way at the park itself in at least one place.

Lapu Lapu Shrine also Honors Magellan

Many Filipino consider King Lapu Lapu a national hero. However I have read dissenting opinions. The park itself host both a moment to Lapu-Lapu and to Magellan himself who was killed during the Battle of Mactan. It is pictured to the right.

The park is setup for tourist, that was made clear by the large number of souvenir shops around and in the park. Two female shop owners were bickering about something. They were so distracted that Jessie had trouble buying a bracelet from her. I got the feeling that they probably do this on a regular basis. 😉 The two women arguing seemed to be enjoying it. Jessie said it had something to with one of them “Jacking up their prices.” I didn’t count them but there must have been about 20 souvenir shops lined up end to end within the park.

Lapu Lapu Shrine Souvenir shopThe park itself might be a romantic place to take your girl at night. There was a garden with seating there. I noticed several couples there and several others around the Lapu Lapu Shrine too. The Lapu Lapu Shrine was near the water but it was low tide when we made our visit. I can’t really comment on how safe it is there, there are many dark corners where something could go wrong. I didn’t feel threatened at any time though.

I will try to go back in the early morning hours myself. I’m not really a morning person but that would help with the heat a good deal. The morning sun is also great for taking pictures. Most of my pictures were taken in early to mid-afternoon which is the worst time to take pictures. The early morning and late afternoon sun produces much warmer coolers that are better suited for photography.

For a list of other things to see in Cebu follow this link. I have been to most of those places but not all of them.

I will be returning to the Lapu Lapu Shrine but I don’t know when. I have two trips to Tacloban planned for December and of course Christmas presents to buy for the kids. In January, I will be attending Sinulog. I hope to go to Capitancelo Islet near Bogo sometime this month. A legend of the Philippines is that the islet was created when King Lapu-Lapu magically sank an invader’s escaping ship there. I’ll write more about that when I finally make it to the islet. I’ll be quite busy over the next few months and my budget stretched thin so my return to the Lapu Lapu Shrine will be delayed but “I shall return.”

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