One day, I walked down stairs to see what looked like a large wild onion and a tree limb on the dinning room table.   I asked Jessie, “What is that?”  She told me “Rice helper.”  That means it is something to go with the rice.  Hmm, looks like a tree to me.

Food to Think About

Food to Think About

I was thinking about taking it out and giving it to Juliet, my Philippine monkey.  I don’t think she would have eaten it as she likes the most tender leaves and shoots.  I sometimes give her a limb off a shrub in front of our porch.  I just take the very tip, with the bright green shoot as that’s all she’ll eat but she will play with the rest of a limb and shred it.

I don’t really care for rice, I agree that rice needs all the help it can get.  So I didn’t eat any of this.  The name of this plant is malunggay.  Is there anyone that knows more about this?

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