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Bus Trip To Cebu City

I finally got off my butt and went to see the doctor in Cebu City. I withdrew money from savings and was very close to asking to be admitted to the hospital for an “executive checkup.”  That’s what they call it a Cebu’s Chong Hua. Most hospitals in the Philippines have something similar to that. However, I decided at the last moment to just go see him about my hands and feet and this horrific rash I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of months. So off to see the doctor in Cebu City. The last time I went to Cebu City to see him, he was out of town.

Cebu City Bus TripI also want to talk a bit more about the buses in Cebu. At least with Ceres Liner, things have changed a lot since the days of the “Cebu roller coaster.” That’s what I use to call taking a bus trip from Cebu City to Bogo City was like.

Besides the insane driving that use to happen, one of the other things I use to complain about was the frequent stops to take on an inspector. Ceres and I think the other lines do this. An inspector will get on one bus, ride it for a while and then get on the next one when it comes around. It really irritated me that it happend five to ten times in the three hours from Bogo to Cebu City. The bus would spend 20 minutes trying to pass some slow dump truck. Then as soon as we finally got around it, another inspector would stop the bus and then we’d spend another 20 minutes trying to get around that same freaking slow moving dump truck.

These days, there are far fewer inspectors. They get on the bus and take the ticket stubs from the conductor. They then make sure that all the passengers on the bus have a ticket. Its an old accounting internal control to make sure all the income is being accounted for and no one is getting a free ride. You might be wondering what is a conductor. He’s just an employee that collects the money and make sure people get off the bus where they want too. The drivers assistant so to speak. I suppose he is there to help with any problems a passenger might have.  Which is good, it allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road.  A really necessary thing.

Today we had a small truck pull out in front of us. They are called multicabs here. Not sure why as they only have one cab. There were two young girls standing up in the bed of the truck. If the driver hadn’t seen that it could have ended very badly. The truck pulled out onto the highway on the other side of one of the many curves in the highway. It is a mountain road and it snakes back and forth. There are many sharp turns made during the three hour ride to Cebu City.

Also worth mentioning is that there is some stunning scenery along that highway on the way to Cebu City. One of these days, I’ll do a van hire so I can stop and take as many pictures as I want. You can also take a taxi from Cebu City to Bogo City for about P2000. You might be able to get it for a little less. I’ve had some try to charge me as much as P3000. I’ve only taken a taxi back once as I was sick.

There are plenty of buses with air con now so it really isn’t as big of a benefit to take a taxi as it use toCebu City be. I think you can get the taxi driver to stop as often as you want too.  There is another benefit in taking a taxi,  most of the buses have tiny seats and they are not comfortable. Try getting an isle seat so you can use the isle way to stretch out a little.

There are quite a few places along the way that would be worth seeing. The restaurant with a harp for one. That harp seem so out of place out there. It is about an hour outside of Cebu City. There are many resorts and stunning beach scenes too. There is a lighthouse and even a small waterfall that can sometimes be scene from the highway. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see a lot of very beautiful things. The first few times I made the trip to Cebu City, I was amazed at how beautiful it is.

I think in part I’ve become use to the driving in the Philippines but it has been quite some time since I saw any bus races on my way to Cebu City. Being an unwilling participant in a bus race use to be a common event while on a bus ride from Cebu City to Bogo City The drivers are exercising more caution in our bus trips to Cebu City but also I’ve become more accustomed to aggressive driving along mountain roads.

Medical Treatment In Cebu City

As for my medical treatment in the Philippines, the doctors continue to exercise caution. They do the same in the USA. They start with the mildest treatment and escalate. The doctor had the hospital pharmacy mix a concoction up for me. I don’t remember the name. Not very expensive, three bottles of it cost P500.  I’m suppose to drape the lessions with sterile bandages soaked in this solution. Jessie was yelling at me last night “drape not dap!” So I kept repeating that all night.

He also added insulin to the mix. I take one injection a day. It comes in a neat little syringe. I set it to 10mg and jab. Actually Jessie is doing the jabbing. The doctor told me if it hurt it would be free. One should never tell a quick witted joker something like that. Jessie jabbed me and I groaned in pain. She freaked out because she thought she hurt me. So I told her that I was only joking, just trying to get it for free. lol The cost is P1o00 from the doctor and it will last me a month.

We stayed overnight at CebuView tourist in. The first time I’ve been there that no one propositioned me. I wasn’t out on the street much. This time I noticed an Army Surplus store just a bit up from the hotel. I will visit that shop next time. Unlikely I’ll stay long as it lacks air con. I love army surplus shops though.

I had American breakfast at the hotel in Cebu City and I’m so glad I didn’t eat the eggs. It tasted funny to me. I thought it was just cooked with vegetables. Now I don’t think that was vegetables.  I only had one bite and I’ve been paying for that starting about 3pm yesterday, the same time I got on the bus for my return trip home. I don’t know that it was the eggs, but I doubt it was the french fries from Jollibee’s. I’m amused that something that has gone bad taste like vegetables to me.  I told Jessie I wanted only two orders of fries but she got three. I ate only two. I really do feel like food is poison because anything I eat raises blood sugar.

I woke up this morning to my blood sugar crashing. It read at 72 which is still considered normal but I usually start feeling weak below 80. Anything below 70 is considered below normal.  It was bad enough that I had two small pieces of chocolate and two “grilled” cheese. Actually, I have toasted cheese to cut out the butter which I don’t need.  I really try to eat as best as I can within my limitations. But let’s not mention that I ate too much pizza the night before. I have no will power when it comes to pizza and when I go to Cebu City, I just have to enjoy a pizza. You know what, I don’t even want will power when it comes to pizza.

People are always harping on my case about drinking too many cokes.  You know, I have bigger fish to fry than cokes folks. I was most pleased when the doctor said drink more cokes as you might have a super infection and that will help fight that. So now my cokes are doctor approves so get off my case. haha

I’ve only applied the solution to my rash twice. It seems to be helping from those two times. Too soon to really know though. I told the doctor that I think it is circulation and that I’m on the road to loosing my hands and feet. He didn’t say I was wrong but I think we are on top of it fastest enough to turn that around. He said he would try this approach first and then go with a circulation medicine if this didn’t resolve it.  My health is stable but one doctor told me it is “stable but fragile” many years ago. I know that things can go badly fast for me. Maybe I over react to small problems because I know how fast things can change for me. When you’re 35 years old and your life is being threatened by illness, it has a powerful affect on me.

He wants to wait to do blood test saying that he wanted to see what it looked like after treatment. I don’t really understand that.  At this moment, Jessie is in the process of fixing me up a herbal remedy so popular here in the Philippines for my revolting stomach. She made something for my hands and feet last month. It wasn’t a cure but without a doubt, it helped.

Cebu City LightsThe doctor in Cebu City believes it is contact dermatitis and ruled out eczema since it is not weeping. Doctor Rusty had already made the same conclusion haha. I’m still not convinced that it is not scleroderma but I didn’t bring that up. What is on my hands matches pictures of scleroderma but it also matches pictures of eczema and several other conditions as well. So that is not a good diagnostic tool. 🙂

Jessie has now delivered my herbal remedy. She thinks I’m not going to like it. I asked if it had vegetables in it. She said no but it has leaves. I said “that’s vegetables” and she laughed. Yep, it taste like vegetables too. Remember for me, vegetables represent the taste of rancid.  I drank half of it and she said “I’m proud.”

So another medical trip to Cebu City for me and this time the doctor was in. I made the six hour bus ride last month only to find the doctor was out of town. Stupid me, I should have called first. I do not enjoy the bus rides any more. I need to get a multicab or move back to Cebu City.

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