Fun in Cebu City

Pacific Pension Mango ShakeJessie and I spent a night in Cebu City this week. We had a good trip, I broke from my good habit of avoiding Pizza and enjoyed some American tasting cheese at Pizza Hut.  I splurged on some Starbucks too.  I think, Starbucks had dropped their price a bit. I’m not sure I remembered their price though, I recall it being over P400 but it was under that this time.

We got to meet up with Lee and Nila from the US.  Well they live here and in the USA.  We met them at Pizza Hut, shared a cigar  with Lee before heading off to see a movie.  There are no operating theaters in Bogo.

We took in a couple of movies too.  Star Trek was our first choice.  We were going to go back and see Super Typhoon but we saw that Angels and Demons was playing and Jessie wanted to see that so we went there instead.  I enjoyed Star Trek the most and Jessie even said she wanted to see it again.

The plot for Star Trek was a bit complicated and provoked thought about time travel  They introduced the idea of an Alternate Universe.  This maneuver will basically allow them to start the series over again but on the big screen

Pacific Pension Home.

About a week ago, Mindanao Bob visited Cebu City and found a low cost pension house that was plenty adequate.  The room was P800 for two people with hot and cold water.  Everything went smoothly there and we got some great fries for P30 around midnight.

We also had breakfast for the both of us for about P180.  Great price, not a lot to eat, I Mindanao Bob's Business Cardcould have had many of them if I was stuffing myself but I don’t need that.  I wouldn’t try to claim the fries were very good for you but they sure tasted good!

We also had several mango shakes.  They mixed it with Ice Cream and ice which mellowed out the normally strong sweetness of mango.  It was really good.  The more I had, the more I wanted.

There is something I really dislike about pension homes in the Philippines.  Nearly all of them that I have stayed at requires you to insert your key to a slot on the wall before your electricity will work.  That means when you come back to your room it is hot.  The small air conditioner in this room took forever to cool back on so I was a bit naughty.  You see the idea is for the pension house to save on power cost.  I wanted to go out but I was already hot and didn’t want to have to wait for the aircon to cool the room on again.  This pension home uses the modern type card keys that can be easily changed between guest.  So with the key still inserted, I decided to slide Bob’s card into the socket.  I then pulled the key out and tada, lights stayed on while I went for a short walk and a visit to the pension house’s restaurant.  Sure enough, when I came back my room was finally cool.  Since I stay in my room so little, it was the first time it had been cool for me.

Once it got going the aircon was very adequate.  The room was a bit cold when I got up the next day and when I got out of the shower that same night.  Jessie was complaining about the temperature and I was happy with it, felt like home.

I should point out that even though Bob’s picture is displayed here he is not the responsible party in the bit of mischief.  🙂  Jessie told me to stop acting like a child.  I think she was just jealous that she didn’t think of it first.:)

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