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Today I had the pleasure of visiting a privately owned beach in Northern Cebu. Technically, I should say that all beaches in the Philippines are public. At least that is my understanding.  People are free to access the beach but you may have to approach it by sea to get to it. Two members of the Carpenter family noticed my pictures of the Hide Away in barangay Odlot on FaceBook.  They told me about their beach and invited to me to visit their location. I’m always want to go visit new places so I jumped on the chance.

Seaside In CebuWe did not have much trouble finding it and as we approached the gate, Jessie spoke to a lady and she let us in.  I am slow, I was still getting out of the trike. DenDen Carpenter had already told me to use her name and the caretaker would let us in. The caretaker told us we should come in in the morning so the tide would be high. We will try to go back one morning but mornings are not the best part of the day for me. I enjoyed Carpenter’s Beach and the water today was quite warm. It is a very nice place and it was a real treat to be able to visit it.

That have a gazebo which they allowed us to use. It is nice and I don’t have to worry about my things disappearing while I’m in the sea.  It is really a beautiful place. It would be very nice to own property in such a location. The Carpenters are very lucky. I don’t think they still live full time in the area though.

Filipina in CebuJessie wanted to go with her friend alone to check the place out but I needed to get into the water so I went too.  And I did get in the water. I found a nice sandy spot and sat there. After a few moments, I noticed what looked like a good photo scene so I asked her to bring my camera out to me. On her way, she said “Lion Fish.” Those have a poisoneous sting so I was about to get up. Then she said “No, it is a plant that looks like a lion fish.” My reply was “I hope it is not a Lion Fish that looks like a plant.” She came up to where I was sitting and instantly spotted the sea urchins close to me. I pointed out that I am glad that I did not sit there. Sea urchins have spines on them that are very painful if stepped on. Sitting on them would likely be worse. After I saw them, I realized that I am not really acquainted well enough with the sea to be going out there on my own. I would have thought they were just dark plants. They appeared to be black to me. Six of them nestled around a rock. It was like a mini aquarium. as there were fish and even what may have been an small ell that darted back into its hole in the rock when I moved in for a closer look. It might have just been a crab. I also saw what may have been a box jellyfish. These creatures are nearly invisible and kill about 60 people a year in the Philippines. I would be certain that it was a box jellyfish except I didn’t see any tentacles which leaves open the possibility it was just trash. It did seem to be pulsating a bit. It was about an inch in diameter.  I’m not sure what it was. If it was a box jellyfish, it was floating only a foot or two from where I had been sitting in the water.

The water was warm and it was very pleasant. Jessie could not join me in the water today but I hope to go back to Odlot tomorrow and we will be in the sea together which I love.

Other Places To Visit In Northern Cebu

Soon, we are going to go to San Remigio Beach Club and I may become a member of that resort. In the long run it might cost us less as we will have no entrance fees to pay.  However, I have to find out about corkage fees and find out if there is a fee for using a gazebo or table at the resort. There likely will be if we bring in food and that would likely mean that I do not join. Not that I think that policy would be unreasonable, it is just that it would loose most of the benefits of going there for me. It will cost about P7500 for our family to join. I’ll have to go and find out.

In the near future I plan to take the family to  an islet near Bogo City where many go Clown in Cebufor diving and snorkeling. I don’t believe there will be an entrance fee but the boat ride will cost between P1000 and P2500. I may balk at anything over P1500. The name of this islet is Capitancillo and features a solar powered light house. I have wanted to go camping there. Maybe someday I will be able too.

We spent about two hours at Carpenters Beach and had a nice relaxing time. Jessie and her friend Shiela managed to find a place to go shopping. I went up to the church to get some pictures and next to that was a small shop which Jessie and her friend Sheila quickly found their way to. Jessie bought a bracelet, I didn’t ask here what it cost but I doubt it was more than p20. While they, I noticed a party in the street so I made my way up there. It was a child’s birthday party complete with a clown which presented this wonderful picture.

I am looking forward to more family outings here in Cebu. They have increased a good deal in the last couple of months. Of course, it cost less if only Jessie and I go but since funds are not as tight as they use to be, I enjoy getting out with the family more as I explore sites close to my home in Cebu. Right now, I’m heading out the door and taking the kids to the BBQ by the Bay here in Northern Cebu. Beaches are plentiful for those of us living in Cebu and I intend to visit as many as I can.

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