Sick Kid Visits the Witch Doctor

Filipino have some beliefs about illness that just baffle me.  Tonight our 2 year old return with the yaya (nanny) and he was sick.  Jessie gave her some money and I asked if they were going out to get medication.  She said yes and then added they are going to the quack doctor.  In other cultures they are called shaman or witch doctor!

That was hard enough for me to stomach but she went on to say that he is sick from break dancing.  To that I shook my head and said, you think he got sick because he was break dancing.  Just to make sure I understood her.  I saidQuack Doctor no.  She followed quickly with “you don’t have that there.”  Okay, I’ll give her that, we don’t have people getting sick from break dancing and taking them off to get well at the witch doctors.  Well there are some areas where you will find this.

Memphis use to have an area where voodoo was practised  I have forgotten what it is called.  My friend that grew up there told me all the stories I had heard about it being very dangerous to go there and things were true in his youth but not true any more.  So it does happen in the USA too.  It happens in many places but it just hasn’t happened to my family before.

Based on the way Jessie was acting I figured it was best to just drop and let them do it their way.  She did get some antibiotics too.  We may take him to the doctor in the morning as well  We have plans for tomorrow.  But we’ll likely take him early in the morning and then head on out.  I need to go to the immigration office tomorrow to be finger printed.  One must do this before they exit the country if they have been in the Philippines for an extended time.  I think six months and I’ve been here 15 months.  I was going to Bangkok next week but I have changed those plans.  I hope I don’t have to go alone.  Jessie has spoiled me so bad, I don’t know if I can function alone any more. LOL

I’m not going to make fun of Jessie, I have too much respect for her.  I can’t say I have a completely open mind on this new spin on “Break Dance Fever” but I wont make fun of her.  I just can’t go along with this quack doctor stuff.  What I mean is that I think its dangerous to play with these kinds of things and I by no means would dream of standing in her way in something she believes in, besides, she didn’t ask me. For me, its an invitation to the spirits that I don’t understand and I don’t want to play with anything that powerful!  Break dance sickness just ain’t gonna work in my mind.  Quack doctors?  I wont say that’s a quack.  I know people in the Philippines believe it strongly and Jessie is a very smart woman..

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