Wind Surfing  In Cebu

I’ve been talking with a Filipino for about a year now.  His name is Adrian.  He’s responded to a couple of comment on this site.  He’s an avid wind surfer and we’ve talked about meeting up  but have never done so.  At least not yet.

Last month when I was in Bantayan Island I saw a couple wind surfing and decided to text Adrian.  It had been sometime since I last did so.  I was a little surprised when his number was still good, but happy.  It is not uncommon for a Filipino to change their number.  Jessie has had about 5 since I’ve known her!  She’s not the only one, many numbers change.

Wind Surfing Chihuahau

Wind Surfing Chihuahau

Anyway, we made tentative plans to meet at Bantayan Island soon and he’s going to try to get me up on a surfboard powered by the wind in the not too distant future.  His girlfriend is planning on jumping out of an air plane and Jessie is interested in doing the same thing.  Honestly, I am too but I bet I need to loose much more weight before I’ll be able too.  And I don’t know if I could do it.  I think I could despite a serious fear of heights.  Hey I use to have a fear of snakes but getting a pair of boas made that go away.

Anyway, watching me with all my grace and balance it should be interesting to see me trying to wind surf.  I suppose if the chihuahua can do it, I should be able too.  True it has much less to balance than I do but it also has a smaller brain.  Well, I hope it does.

The problem with setting a date to go wind surfing means that the wind may not be cooperating with us.  I know when I’m headed there and its in the near future, it is best if I don’t disclose it before hand.  That is because of security concerns.

It looks like I picked a bad time to get back in touch with him as this is the hot part of the year.  There’s not much wind at all.  I walked down to the Bogo Bay today and there was hardly even a wave.  Surely Bantayan Island would have more wind but I don’t really know.  It is the Pacific Ocean  which means peaceful waters.  I believe in this area it is known as the Camotes Sea.  Its still connected to the Pacific Ocean.

I hope it works out and that we get to have some fun fun fun in the sun and waters of Bantayan Island.

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