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Invest In Philippines ForumInvest In Philippines ForumYou Will Help Cebu Experience Forums Stay Fast

I have a unique opportunity for you that not only helps to support Cebu Experience Forums but also Could Put Money In Your Pocket.

Many forums ask for donations

I’m Asking You to Invest in Cebu Experience’s Philippines Forum

You will b e supporting the forum and getting something in return.

What You Get:

  • You Can Earn Money
  • Your Own Forum with the Forum and You Are The Moderator
  • You Get Access to the Private Investor Only Sub-forum.
  • You Get Full Access To Forum Features
  • You Get A Badge Letting Every one Know You Are A Special Member
  • You Get Increased Input on What Happens on the Forum
  • You Get Additional Privileges on the Forum
  • You Get to have a Signature On The Forum that Shows up in Every Post
  • You Get To Put a Graphic in Your Photo
  • You Get Access To The Secret Investor Only Brainstorm Room
  • You Can Save Up To 100 Personal Messages in Your Private Inbox
  • You Can Upload Far More Pictures
  • You Can Have Far More User Groups (100 in total)
  • You’ll be Able To See More On The Forums
  • You Can Give Negative Feedback on Post
  • You Join an Exclusive Group of Forum Visitors with an Investor Forum
  • You Get a Warm Fuzzy Feeling for Giving Back to Cebu Forums
  • You Can Make Money… Oh Wait, I already said that
  • But that’s not all, You will get More Access to The Forums

From the Desk Of Rusty Ferguson

Invest In Philippines Forum Dear forum Supporter,

I am a long time believer that a website should give as much as it can to its visitors. Why build a website Jessie and Rusty at The Topsif you’re going to do what everyone else does? Which is SELL SELL SELL.

Hey, I like money too, I don’t have any problem with a webmaster trying to earn a few dollars or even a lot of dollars. It is what makes the web work. Running a website can become expensive. I like selling but I do it in a way of freely giving. No purchase required.

When I put the forums up, I didn’t do it to make money. I did it to build a community. A place for blog visitors to make connections, build their own relationships and possible make a few friends. I also wanted to give people an area to discuss things other than what I post in the blog.

The forum software cost me close to $200. Probably a little more after figuring in the two themes I bought in addition to the software. Yes, I could have used a free forum. I have done that in the past. Some of them are pretty good but they in no way match the power and speed of vBulletin.

vBulletin is the industry standard for forums. That is because what it delivers to forum visitors is the fastest and easiest to use forum software there is. Now I don’t know if I’d say that is true for the administrator. It’s a monster to configure but powerful software is usually complex. Have you ever tried to use Photoshop? How did that go in the early days?

I don’t like to ask for donations and while most forums actively do, I don’t. I did put a very small donate button on the forum. I wonder how many people even know its there.

Instead of donating to the forum, I want to present you with something that could and probably will someday earn us money. At the very least, it will defray the cost of your investment.

What Is The Opportunity?

Good question. While most forums ask for a donation, I’m giving you a chance to support the forum with the possibility of it earning cash back for you.

Sexy Filipina GiirlfriendEach investor will pay a set amount. Once the forums reach the break even point we will redistribute the cash back to the investors.

The forum usually cost about $100 a month to operate. That’s how much I had to spend to get the server powerful enough to handle the forum.

If we get five investors, we’ve already hit the break even point. If we get about 20 investors, in most months you’ll earn your subscription back. Anything above that will return a profit. But I will also through in other revenue generated by the forum.

Ways the forum makes money includes sales of my products, including my eBook and from advertising earnings. You know those ads everyone hates? Well, they pay the bills. 🙂 Now, you too can benefit from ads.

The first 10 investors get in for $20 a month.  After that, the price will go up between five to ten dollars a month for every five new investors. So the time to get in is now while the price is still low. Your monthly subscription will be locked in. You’re subscription fee will not rise. The increase will only apply to new investors.

Why Will the Price Go Up?

Its really the only fair way to do it. Those that get in first are taking the biggest risk.  Its like you’re

The Sexy Filipina Taught me Filipino Culture

Jessie At Estrella Falls Meet You’re Own Filipina

buying a share of stock in a limited corporation. We are not a corporation, it is just an easy way to describe it. You’re buying a position within the forums.

When we have a profit, the dividends or rewards will be paid back based on the number of positions you buy. Yes you can buy more than one position.

I can’t promise you, that you’ll earn any money back. I hope you will and I hope lots of it. It depends on how many people we get to sign up and like a business, it depends on management.  That would be me.

It also depends on you. The more value you bring the forum, the more people that will come. The more people that come the more that will buy my products, the more we earn from advertising and the more that become investors.

Isn’t This a Pyramid Scheme?

This is not a pyramid scheme. There are no down lines.  What you get out of this isn’t based on who you bring in. If you bring in no one you make as much as a person that brings in two people a day. We all benefit equally each time a new person becomes an investor.  Also, there is an actual product. Several of them and I’m developing more. Any income the forum makes goes back to the investors. I will earn the same thing you do in most cases.

How Do I sign Up?

You sign up using your credit card or your PayPal account. The invest buttons will send you to a PayPal page but you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay. If you have a PayPal account you login and pay through it. If not  you elect to pay via a credit card. You will only have to do this once.

The best way for you to get paid will be via your PayPal account. I can however send you a check from the Philippines.

Sign up by clicking this button below

Invest In Philippines Forum


Additional Benefits For You

  • You’ll be helping to keep the forum alive.
  • You’ll get a special badge on each post you make to indicate that you are an elite member of the forum.
  • Forums are a great place to make business and personal contacts.
  • Lots of free information on a forum.
  • If you can’t find the answer, you can ask the question!
  • And don’t forget you can make money with this.

So don’t wait, jump in while the investment is low. How fast the price will rise depends on how popular the opportunity is. Get in now and your investment is $20. You can cancel at any time! Do it yourself within your PayPal notice or give me at least five days notice and I’ll do it for you.

Invest In Philippines Forum

For more details visit the forums at Philippines Forum. It is possible the only benefit you get from this is to keep the forum alive. This plan was setup because I don’t like asking for donations on a business website. I can’t promise you enough will be earned to pay back any rewards.