Dollar to Philippine Peso Expectations on Fed Meeting

What will happen with the dollar to Philippine peso rate of exchange after the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) meets today?   I am doubtful anything will change much. I don’t think the meeting could hurt the value of the dollar or the dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate. If the Fed surprises us with early than expected ending of the policy to create money or raises interest rates, we could be helped a great deal.

While I’d love to see it, I just don’t think that’s going to happen today. The dark days of the dollar are still upon those of living or even traveling outside the USA.

I read a report yesterday, I think for XE that indicated that the velocity of money has fallen, despite what the Fed has been doing. For that very reason, the Fed is not going to end their program. The velocity of money indicates how much is being spent. Spending is still down. Cutting the supply of money will further reduce that and slow the recovery and that is a simple fact.


Google Finance Dollar To Philippine Peso and Gold


Dollar to Philippine Peso Over The Last 30 days.

A month ago buying gold would have been an awesome move!  It might continue to rise for a few more months. Gold and silver prices fell earlier this week, probably from profit taking by those that bought a month ago. Really, all the signs were that it would rise because of the Fed sending signals that it will continue with quantitative easing or creating of money by buying its own T-bills. I’m probably wrong, I often am when it comes to investing but I wouldn’t buy gold now.

Dollar to Philippine Peso Virtually Unchanged During April

There hasn’t been much change in the dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate in the last few weeks. If the central bank of the Philippines had increased interest rates, that wouldn’t have been good for us US based expats. So far they haven’t but it has to be coming and when it does, we will take a hit until the Fed also raises its rate.

Investors mostly blew off the S&P warning. They issued a warning that unless the politicians reduced the deficit before 2014, they would lower the USA’s rating from AAA for the first time in history. I think it was a desperate attempt to regain some credibility. S&P and others have lost much credibility due to their largely missing the banking crisis of 2007 (there I go again, relying on my memory, or was it 2008.)  The action might be warranted, probably is but I don’t think anyone believes it is anything more than a ploy.

One report I read, I THINK it was from the Motley Fool questions the timing of S&P injecting themselves into politics. Motley Fool has some good information on their website but everything is geared to selling their expensive newsletter. I would love to have a subscription but with my income, I can’t justify it.

The Future of the American Dollar

Its seems everyone is down on the dollar, the dark days have fallen upon America and it will never return to its glory. As Ronald Reagan showed us at an every darker time, the USA never fell from glory. The dollar is still mighty. Will the USA always totally dominate the world economy? Nope. China and other countries will become more important. The USA will loose some of its influence in the process.

Will the dollar to philippine peso rate ever have an average of 50 to 1 again? I doubt it. Will we ever see P50 to 1 again, yeah, we most likely will. Though it might not come until the USA is back in a boom period. There will come a time that people think the good times will never stop for the USA and that’s when it will happen. The dollar will soar and then there will be another recession. The dollar will do even better when that recession comes and then it will plummet like a rock dropped by the mighty eagle as it soars over the beautiful country of the USA.

I see no reason for history not to repeat itself. It is a business cycle. It is as common as the blue sky being shut out by the next storm that is always just around the corner.

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The dollar to Philippine peso will rise and it will fall again.

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