The US dollar to Philippine peso has broken the 44 barrier. As usual this has been caused by the trouble in the Euro Zone. But and this is a big but. New jobless claims have fallen to a pre-Obama administration rate. This is the lowest rate in new claims in 3.5 years.

US Dollar to Philippine Peso is UP

The US stock market is already up sharply. That means the dollar is likely to fall. This is really good  US dollar to Philippine Pesonews for the American economy but likely to be very bad for expats. It will be buffered some by the Euro Zone doing badly as it is hurting all of Asia and may keep the peso weak. The dollar will get stronger though.

How long this will last, I don’t know. There could be more bad news soon. Conspiracy theories will develop on Fox News by their guest.

Improving US Economy Will Bring Lower Value For US Dollar to Philippine Peso

These are the lowest numbers since May 2008. May of 2008 is when I knew the recession was coming. That is about the time the Fed reduced reserve requirements by a factor of 400%. They would only do that if there was a major problem coming.

Economist are confused, they expect this number to go up this month. Factory orders are mixed, up in some areas and down in others. Some say it all points to modest growth in the US economy and they are probably correct.

It is too early yet for me to have a lot to say on this subject but this is major news so I wanted to speak to it. I’ve gone out on a limb here but I do think this will cause the dollar to fall. I surely didn’t see this coming. Retailers are also saying holiday sales are doing even better than expected and they anticipate rasing there numbers more than expected. I have been making a lot of affiliate sales this month so I’m seeing it on my few sites where i sell products. My sales are way up on those sites. I thought it would fall after cyber Monday. My traffic for my affiliate sites fell but my sales did not. They are up.

It appears that the US economy is improving for now. That will make the dollar more solid but in the short term we can expect the US dollar to fall against most currencies and that will likely include the Philippine peso. I expect the US dollar to Philippine peso currency trading to fall before the trading day is over in the USA.

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