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An Income For Expats

A frequent question I get is what is a source of income for expats. Some are looking for jobs in the Philippines. Honestly, I’d rather go to the dentist. I’d never work for someone else again. For the most part, jobs in the Philippines are low paying.  The best means of income for expats is online marketing. The quickest path to making money while living in the Philippines is by doing it online. Anyone can do it and it does not require a lot of money to get started. Twenty dollars is about all you need to get started. Though it is the good way it is not fast and it is not easy.

This article is probably the most valuable single bit of information I have ever shared on this website. I don’t expect it to be fully appreciated but that’s okay. I know though that a few people might just jump on this and find this statement to be completely justified with time.

Contemplation -- An Income For ExpatsMany expats think about blogging about the Philippines as a way to earn an income while living the Philippines. I did and still do. To be honest, this niche is difficult to make money from. It could very well take you at least a year. Probably longer. It will take serious dedication and a lot of time and you’ll need to learn advanced web techniques if you ever hope for anyone to find your website.

Now someone is going to say “You just don’t want the competition.” You know what, you’re right, I don’t. However, that’s not way I’m saying this. From what I’ve learned about the web now, I would not have started in this  niche. I’m also not too worried about competition as my site is solidly ranked and you’ll have a very hard time unseating it as a beginner.  I also don’t rest on my success. Instead I build on it. I am constantly making it harder to overtake me. As are most of the others that have reached page one on Google.

I enjoy my life in the Philippines and I love blogging about it.  The picture above was taken this week while I was visiting Bantayan Island.

With that said, blogging about anything is what you should do. At least get started. I say get started with the goal of making money on the web while living in the Philippines. Just don’t expect it to happen fast. I’ve seen some gifted people making hundreds of dollars a day within six months. I’m not gifted and honestly you probably are not either. I’d rather tell you that you can get rich quickly on the web but honestly people that tell you that are full of hype. When you see offers like that, you should run for the hills. The only exception to that is if they come from someone you trust. It is unlikely that someone you trust will tell you that because it just isn’t that easy.

The purpose of this article is not to teach you online marketing. I do have another site where I do more of that one but I’m not really active there. The reason I’m not really active on it is that is probably the most competitive niche on the Internet.

I will say this, if you don’t get keyword research correct everything you do will be wasted.  There are two issues here. If people are not searching for your topic no one will find your site. If thousands of people are searching every day for your topic then it is likely some of the best webmasters on the Internet are already targeting those topics. That means getting your site ranked well on Google is very difficult and next to impossible for a beginner.

Education for Income

Just over a year ago, I took a course that started changing things for me. It was a course for a highly respected online marketer. His name is Chris Farrell. His course was a bit basic for me but I still gained from it. You can see his site here. His course was a great launching point, he is really good at motivation and teaching the basics in small doses so that you can understand and absorb what he is teaching. He calls it EUI or Educate, understand and implement.

Recently though, I found another course that I like quite a bit. I signed up because they offer a lot of one on one help. It is from a couple of guys named Leo and Paul. Their course is cheaper and provides more intensive one on one help. You can even schedule a live session on Skype with them. They also provide an article writing service at deep discounts. That means if you can’t write they will help you with that too. Both their course and Chris’ course though will help you with finding ideas for articles. You can see the Leo and Paul Membership course here. (site closed try here instead http://www.rustyfergusonmarketing.com).

You don’t need both but I wanted to tell you what I did. I think Leo and Paul offer a better deal but both guys sites are very good and both sites have my confidence and trust. Also, Leo and Paul offer more help with WordPress and WordPress is the platform you need to setup your website with. Chris covers it but it was weak. Now he does a good job over teaching you how to work with HTML without actually learning HTML.  You do not need to learn HTML but having the basics will serve you well.

Those courses are not enough. They are a beginning point and should be seen as that way. I think the Leo and Paul course can serve you longer than Chris’ but Chris might be a better choice for the complete newbie. I could even see getting in Chris’ course for a month and then moving over to Leo and Paul.

I’m working on an eBook now that will detail how I’ve gone from $30 a month in revenue to $1000 a month in a year. Though I must be honest, this month doesn’t look like it will be a $1000 month for me. I think that is because of the depressed mood of the American consumer though. That eBook may take a few months before it is ready, I’m not sure. I may launch it in stages and the first stage might come much sooner. It will detail the process and which tools I have used. I won’t go into it in public because I don’t want my competition to have that information.

The eBook will also discuss my plans for the future. You see, once you have some revenue coming in then you can jump start what you’re doing. It enables you to pay for services or outsource your work. Now every article with my name on it is written by me and I wont be paying writers for this website. I do have some micro sites where I have bought a few articles, most of those are by me too. I just go slow. Unfortunately, I need the income from my websites to live on and can’t invest it all back into the sites.

Other Sources of Income For Expats

Many expats want to come to the Philippines and setup a business here. There are a few markets that can be good. There are a few that I want to break into. Most of those I can’t do. I don’t have the right kind of visa.  Jessie could do them and so can your wife or significant other. Marketing online though doesn’t have those pitfalls. My business is US based and I market to Westerners.

If you set up a business in the Philippines and market to Filipinos then you’re going to earn what Filipinos earn. Some talk of sari sari store. I wouldn’t want to do that. Now some talk of a resort. Now that I’d like to do. Did you know that to lease land in your name for the tourist industry requires an investment of five million US dollars? I’d also invite you to read about the troubles resort owners on Bantayan Island are having with the DENR. Also read about the dispute over the lease the holder of Sand Castles Resort in Boracay had. He lost his lease and his investment in the buildings and improvements.   If he did it his name and the current requirements were in place at the time he started, that’s five million dollars gone.

If you have the dollars for an investment like that, then you have an option I can only dream of. I’d love to own a resort or a disco but they are not in my near future. An Internet cafe would be a possibility but you’ll have significant dollars and time to invest in that business too. A lot less than five million but the potential profits would be a lot less too.

Some folks with the proper visa do both online marketing and business in the Philippines. If you’re going to offer services in the Philippines then once again you are going to run into the stiff competition that Philippines expat sites have.

Instead you can setup affiliate based website aimed at products. With a few hundred visitors a day on a site you can earn a couple of hundred dollars a month if you have educated yourself and understood the basics. The most important of which is keyword research. Then you have to actually implement when you’ve learned. I don’t find that kind of site to be very much fun but it can make money faster. If you have 20 of those sites making  a couple of hundred dollars a month then you can make enough money to live in the Philippines on that alone. These kinds of sites are all you need for an income as an expat and they follow you where ever you have an Internet connection. Here is an example of my newest site.  It is still under development but there is enough there now to give you an idea.  See Canon DSLR Reviews.

This is not easy to do but it is also not magic. You need to learn the skills and that is the key. They are skills and they can be learned. It will take time, as my friend Chris Farrell says “This is not a sprint it is a marathon.” If you’re willing to work at it, even 30 minutes a day you can make money on the web. If you are in a position to put more time into that, then you can make more money faster. You need to give it six months to start earning.

Chris is a star on the Internet now. Three years ago no one had heard of him. Now nearly every online marketer knows of him. He started about three years ago. It took him six months to make money but soon he was making hundreds of dollars every day.  I just don’t have his gift. Some do. Chis had his first million dollar day about a year ago. Yes he had gross receipts of over one million dollars in a single day. One of his students, Jo Barnes recently had her first six figure day. I’d love to have a four digit day. I have had some three digit days. There have been days when I made $100 a day. I’m not even close to doing that every day. Many though are more successful than me. They are not in the Philippines expat niche. Though I know one guy that might be making that kind of money in this very niche. But I know he spends more time on other niches as well. I just don’t know what those are, he keeps information to himself in that regard. If you are wanting an income for expats then I honestly believe that online marketing is the way to go.

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