Group Wants Abortion Reform

The Philippines has been slammed by a US based rights group.  Wow, the Center for Reproductive Rights (CFRR) may know what it is asking for and just not care.  I tend to think, they don’t have a clue about the Philippine culture.

The Philippines is locked in heated debate over sex education for its people, not just in the schools but for adults.   The AP article I read mentions that there has been no response to their call for legal abortion in the Philippines.   If there is a response, its likely to be something along the lines of this is an internal matter and we don’t want nor appreciate outsiders trying to tell us what is right for our country.

Anyone that knows my views about government and human behavior in general, knows that I’m all about the individual.  I am not a supporter of the collective good.  I’m for individual rights.  Okay, let the majority rule but not to the extent they trample the individual.  When the US Government tries to meddle in my personal life, it makes my blood boil.  Some get angry over taxes, I get angry over someone telling me what is right or wrong.

So, I am pro-choice.  The Philippines is not and in no way do I presume to try to tell the people or the government of the Philippines what their policy should be.  However, I also do not wish to indicate that I support the anti-abortionist in the USA.  This article could lead someone to that conclusion and they would be incorrect.

There are some troubling statistics regarding this issue that I think are important  The issue ialso gives insight into the culture of the Philippines and that’s why I’m writing about it.

It is reported that about 500,000 women seek abortions in the Philippines each year.  Since abortion is illegal, some of the methods used are dangerous and painful.   To perform abortions, midwives implement abdominal massage or insert catheters into the uterus.   It is estimated that about 90,000 women then develop complications from the procedures and that 1000 die each year.

There is even controversy over the totality of  abortions being banned in the Philippines.  The UN said in a report issued earlier this decade that it was legal only when the life of the woman was in

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danger  It appears though, as often is the case with Philippine law, there are other laws that basically negate that exception.  With the exceptions unclear, the law is a total ban for practical purposes.

The World Health Organization’s policy on abortion seems to agree with the The Center of Reproductive Rights.   One WHO journal states:  “Access to safe, legal abortion is a fundamental right of women.”  The Center of Reproductive Rights is harsh, stating that:

The Philippine government has created a dire human rights crisis in the country

Again, I don’t think the Philippines is going to pay much attention to these non-governmental organizations, if they respond at all, I think it will be something like, “who do you think you are by trying to tell use how to run our government.”

I tend to agree.  Who do they think they are.  To me, the CFRR is showing their ignorance of the Philippines and its people.  I think very few Filipino would want easier access to abortion.

Is it really a “fundamental human right?”  Maybe but a lot of people consider it murder and I don’t think their concerns are without merit.  They may be right.  I don’t know what to believe regarding that issue.   Its seems godlike to me for anyone to suggest that it is a fundamental human right.  If it is murder, then are they saying murder is a fundamental human right?  I doubt it, instead I think they feel as if they know when life begins or when a human is human.  Sorry folks, but you don’t know when a human become human.  You don’t know regardless of which side of the fence you’re on!

I’m okay with the idea that people should be able to make up their own minds but I’m unwilling to say that I know its a fundamental human right.  I’m certainly not okay with the idea of outsiders telling the Philippines “The Philippine government has created a dire human rights crisis in the country.”  That’s the claim being made by the CFRR.

The Catholic Church plays a major role in the lives of the Filipino.  The Catholic Church even condemns the use of contraceptives.  That’s a concept that’s pretty hard for me embrace but for those that wish to, who am I to tell them how to live.   Abortion in the Philippines? It is out of the question.  Does this group tell Iran and Saudi Arabia the same thing?  Why did they pick out the Philippines?  Maybe they are getting around to everyone.

The CFRR is, of course, free to do what they want and to say what they want but they are also free to show their ignorance if they choose to do that.  People in the West, most of them, just don’t have any idea how good they have it nor do they understand that the rest of the world is vastly different.

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