Filipinos take the honor of their families very serious. If you get into a beef with a member of a close nit family in the Philippines, chances are you’ll find yourself in conflict with the entire family. It is common for families in the Philippines to be quite close.

Respect In The Philippines

This week, a man walked into a police station and killed a man that was said to be mentally ill. He did this because the jailed man had hacked his brother to death a few days before that. The hacking occurred because he was unhappy with his haircut so he killed the barber. Then the brother of the barber walked into the jail, pulled out his homemade shotgun and shot the man behind bars with his mother looking on.

This occurred in Iloilo not far from the province of Cebu. The police chief of the town was fired within hours for security lapses. Justice can happen fast here. If that happened in the USA, it would probably take weeks for heads to roll.

I’ve seen a lot of instance were Filipina are terrified of bringing dishonor to their family. Much of whatFamily In the Philippines they do or will not do is related to this fear. They are more likely to be a bit more bold if they move away from their family. When girls go to work in the bikini bars it is almost unheard of for them to do this in their home town or even in their home province. Word tends to spread fast in the Philippines.

I often say that Filipino avoid conflict. Most seem to prefer to live a happy peaceful life and will let a lot roll off their shoulders. However, if you do manage to really make someone mad, they tend to resolve the issues with drastic action. They tend to make sure the situation does not repeat itself.

In Filipino culture respect is crucial. One of the best ways to get into trouble is belittle someone. To insult their honor. Of course there are exceptions. Filipinos have hot headed, rude and disrespectful people just like any other culture. Some people seem to be born fighters.

Two people dead over a hair cut is the way the story is being treated in the press but that’s not what the killings were about. One may have had mental issues as the AP reported he was taking medications for a mental illness. When his brother teased him about the haircut, he killed the barber. He was made fun of. He died because of another brother probably saw it as his obligation to seek revenge. When in the Philippines try to keep respect in mind.

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