Filipino Culture is Diverse

Some Filipino still live in caves, for some it remains a part of Filipino culture.  I can’t help but think of someone that gave me a hard time because he disapproved of a Filipino tradition.  Because it was not his tradition, it was not a tradition at all and his eyes my saying so was offensive.  I think he was offended by the tradition and blamed me for it.  What I’m leading up to is that there is a minute amount of Filipino living in caves.  I find it very interesting.  I would love to witness this dying Filipino culture first hand.  I know that is not likely.

Some of the ancient ways of Filipino culture are still being practiced in the Philippines.  In the mid 80’s there was a massive volcanic eruption in Luzon.  Before the eruption, authorities had some difficulty in getting the mountain people in the area to leave their cherish mountain.  Those mountain people didn’t seem to like lowlanders.  Many did leave though.  Others stayed and most of those that stayed died.  One group I know of took refuge in a cave and most died in that cave.  One family covered themselves in bat guano when the heat from the massive eruption found its way into their sanctuary, they were the only ones that survived the inferno and they too were burned.

Filipino Culture in Remote Palawan

Recently, 20 people died from an outbreak of diarrhea.  This happened in a remote area of Palawan. Recent reports in the press revealed that this occurred amoung a group of cave dwelling Filipino.  Three hundred people were said to have been stricken with the illness.

What grabbed me are the reports of cave dwelling Filipino!  I find it fascinating.  Now, I have my doubts about just how cave dwelling these Filipino are.  I suspect that most also have huts.  I don’t know, I’ve never been there.  I really want to go!

Palawan is known for its resorts and its back to nature eco tourism.  Its reputation was blemished sometime ago by a kidnapping incident that some tied to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  I would love to visit there and visit the caves.  I’d love to visit the caves in the more remote areas, where these “cave dwelling Filipino” still live but that isn’t likely to happen.  I have no idea how safe it would be.  Perhaps there are tour guides that provide that.  Perhaps the terrain would be far too rugged for me. I suspect it would be too rugged for me.

I am going to post a gallery of pictures I found from Palawan.  It is a beautiful place.  I hope I can go there!  I hope I can find out more about Filipino culture and these cave dwellers.


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