Filipino Culture includes Common Sense

Ive spoken before of how different the Philippines are from what those of us in the USA are accustomed too.  This is another wonderful and even delightful example to me.  Its that good old Filipino common sense doctrine that I have observed in the justice system of the Philippines before.

In March, a lawyer in a Bogo City courthouse cut the hair of his client.  The lawyer did this because the prosecutor had a witness that was about to identify his client as a person who committed a murder.  I’m guessing the lawyer  didn’t know this or that the lawyer didn’t have a chance to get his client a haircut before the hearing.

That lawyer has now been charged with obstruction of justice.  I can’t imagine a lawyer in the USA haircutbeing charged for such an act  I think it would just strengthen the defenses case to even raise the issue.  It would suggest in a US court that the witness was uncertain.

One can see the difference in the smallest of details.  Some might scoff at this but I wont. I see the common sense in it.  The lawyer was trying to make it harder for the prosecutors to convict his client.  Obstruction?  Hard for me to see it as obstruction.  Really hard for me to see it as an illegal act.  I am an outsider looking in though.  I’m an observer looking in.   I’m a bit amused but not with a looking down on it attitude.  I’m amused by things I like too and part of me likes this.  I admire good old Filipino common sense.  I also can’t help but think of a crusty old American lawyer patting the lawyer on the back for such an obvious act.  Maybe the client had really long dreadlocks or something?  I don’t know.  I’ve seen a few Filipino that had them.

I’m amused at the picture I have in my mind of a lawyer hurriedly cutting his clients hair right in the courthouse.  He even borrowed the scissors from a court reporter!  I sure wish I was an artist, I’d love to draw a sketch of this.

I would love to know how this turns out.  Most of the time, follow up reports on things like this never appear in the Philippine press.

It is just another situation to file away in my and your folder of  Cebu experiences.

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