Ghost Packing And Going To Palawan

Another ghost story from the Philippines about a ghost going to Palawan.

Today, our ya ya who just happens to be completely adorable came knocking on the door with a serious and concerned looked. When Jessie came back, she explained the ghost has been making noise in the other room again.

The ya ya asked Jessie if she had been moving luggage around in the spare room today. She had not been today but had a few days ago. Annalyn, our ya ya heard someone moving luggage around in the spare bedroom. She was downstairs, directly under the room at the time. While I remain very skeptical, I have chills running up and down my back as I type this haha.

The last time Jessie and I were gone overnight, the ya ya heard someone opening and closing the closet doors in our bedroom. I don’t know how to dismiss that. Especially since an expat friend that lives nearby me heard things like that in his home. It does add a little creepiness to the story.

Well, I know those of you dreaming to live in the Philippines and have not yet spent a significant amount of time in the Philippines will be even more doubtful than myself. You have not seen the strange bird that matches the description of the fabled aswang. You have not seen a woman dancing in the middle of the street in a long white see through dress. And you do not live across the street from someone that is said to be practicing black magic.

I hope I never become a full believer as it will probably mean something scaring me to the point of a heart attack.

The ya ya knows we are going to Palawan and we will be gone for several days. I’m sure the past bumps in the night has her already a little nervous. Her imagination could very easily have gotten the best of her. Most of the Filipinos I know in the Bogo City do believe in these things and they don’t consider it superstition, they consider it fact.

Perhaps our ghost also plans on going to Palawan, I hope she has her own ticket.

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