There is a new craze in the Philippines and it Malacanang Palaceis called “Noynoying.”  It is mostly practiced by youth at college campuses. It is a jab at the president of the Philippines who goes by the nickname of Noynoy. President Aquino seems to be a good down to earth man to me. He would rather live in his home than in the Presidential Palace or Malacañang Palace.

So what is noynoying? It is a way to annoy the president but the kids spell it “A-noy” with a proud smile on their face. It is a form of protest. It seems to come from the perception from some that he is not doing enough. Now I have nothing to say on that matter. I still have a lot to learn about politics in the Philippines.  I really don’t have an opinion but if I did, I can assure you, I would be keeping it to myself.

What is Noynoying?

Noynoying is were people protest by doing nothing. They strike poses in an attempt to display a resting position.  Of course for it to be effective, it needs to be in a public place. To enhance this groups of people are usually employed.


As you may know, the new tourist slogan for the Philippines is that “It is more fun in the Philippines.” Filipinos seem to enjoy a good laugh and they’ve been picking that apart and poking fun of it. I kind of like it. I use it all the time but sometimes change it up to be bit more suggestive than it already is.

So, now it may be more fun to do nothing in the Philippines. haha For now there is even a page on Wikipedia about the practice but they are considering removing it.

Lately there are quite a few protest over the rising cost of energy in  the Philippines and especially gasoline. The cost here is around $5 a gallon. It is sold in liters so its kind of a pain to calculate and it has been a while since I checked it. A lot of conversion here, liters to gallons and then pesos to dollars. Someone that counts pennies can let me know in the comments the update cost.

Electricity cost in Cebu have soared. I’m not looking forward to next months bill. I’ve turned the air con back down to 25 as it heats up during the day since we are headed into the hotter months. Oddly, having brownouts doesn’t seem to lower my electric bill.

I understand the protest over energy in the Philippines. It is less of a hardship on me than it is for many Filipino. Very few have air conditioning and even those that can afford it opt not to use it.

So students at the University of the Philippines are employing this good natured form of protest that seems to gathering a lot of steam. It certainly beats riots and setting police cars on fire. It brings a smile to my face.

The president though appears to have taken notice. I read one press report that indicates he is launching a campaign to show himself busy at work. Though I can’t help but think he’s taking it in stride too. He can’t run for re-election so I don’t see how it really impacts him. Though he has his detractors, he seems to be a guy that really cares about the Filipinos. When he travels by motorcaid he wont even allow security to stop traffic and blast through red lights. That’s a bit of a security issue and his security detail doesn’t seem to like it. However, it seems really important to him that he tries to be just a regular Filipino.

His father was a senator that was killed after returning to the Philippines. He had been exiled by Marcos and was shot dead a few minutes after he got off the plane. Noynoy’s mother then picked up the reigns and became the president after the “people power revolution” toppled the Marcos dictatorship.  I don’t know if the president is doing good or if he is doing badly but I’m certain that he really cares about the people of the Philippines.

Someone used the “What should we write about” input box at the bottom of each article that I write here to suggest this topic to me. See, I really do read those and have used the suggestions before. I get a lot of request for topics that I have beaten to death here. I wish people would use that search function more. I hate it when someone comes to the site and can’t find what they are looking for. With a site this large, it is very easy for that to happen. So folks, use the form and leave comments about your ideas on things you’d like to see. Oh, sometimes people ask me questions with the “What should we write about next” feature but I can’t answer them as it doesn’t include your contact info. I generally will not answer email questions unless you’ve purchased my eBook.  I don’t mind helping people that have not paid me but I do ask that you ask in public so that it may benefit others as well. I can’t possibly answer all the emails I receive each day.

So what do I do when I get private email questions? Well, I do nothing,  I noynoy it.

The picture in this article came from the Wall Street Journal and seems to be becoming the poster photo for this movement. It appears to be in the public domain as it is all over the place. Kids having fun while protesting sheds some light on the culture  of the Philippines. Filipinos, I like your style! I can certainly think of worse things other than noynoying for kids to do.

By Rusty Ferguson

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