Keeping the Paradise in Paradise

The people of the Philippines are becoming more concerned about their wonderful environment and there seems to be some growing pains that come with that.   The Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) has been put into place in the Philippines to help protect the environment.

Bantayan Island The Paradise of Cebu

There has been a lot of confusion in the courts, the residents and the environment of Bantayan Island.  The residents of Bantayan want to protect their Island.  As the west discovers the bit of paradise sitting just off the Northern Coast of Cebu Province the chance of it being spoiled by unbridled growth is and should be a concern.

Some are treating the ECC as a permit to develop but that may not be their purpose.  Some residents are trying to prevent any more ECC’s being granted while other residents are fearful that if ECC’s are reviewed as some are asking for, their businesses will be shut down.

It appears that some business sought and were granted ECC’s where they were not required.  For now, a Judge in Mandaue issued an order preventing any new ECC’s be issued for 15 days and that the parties present clear and concise briefs to her court.

For me, I’m glad to see the Philippines taking active measures to begin to save this wonderful place.  There is little wildlife here compared to my home country.  I would love to see more.

We all have to evolve and learn.  Last night one of the children found a snake.  The ya ya’s of the neighborhood over reacted.  They called me to kill it but I stopped them from killing it and went to get my camera.  When I returned the snake was dead.  From what I could tell it was either a baby Reticulated Python that didn’t have its markings yet or a Bronze Back.  The Bronze Back is a harmless lizard eating tree snake and I would have captured and kept the Reticulated Python.  But years ago I would have reacted the way the ladies here did.  Kill it just to be safe.  Only after I leaned a lot more about snakes did my attitude toward them change.

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