Dancing tax collectors in Cebu increase tax revenue!  Last month it was dancing flight attendants over the skies of the Philippines and this month it is dancing in offices of Cebu City tax collectors.

The office say they doubled their tax revenue intake just because people heard of the dancing office workers.  That seems like government manipulation of the numbers to me but I still like the effort.  I also enjoy the always not so fit perfect young bodies getting down and having a little fun at work.  After all, it isn’t that much fun to sit in a government office and then have to hand them your cash on top of that.

I read about this last week but now I’ve got my hands on the video so here you go.  Watch and enjoy.

Jessie, my Filipina girlfriend, tells me that she once saw this in Tacloban when she went to pay the electric bill.   People in the Philippines love a party and they love to dance.

If you didn’t see the dancing flight attendants yet, check them out at my little known website Flights to The Philippines.

Just another reason why I love living in the Philippines!

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