Philippine Civil War Threatens to Spread

There is an active civil war in the Philippines!  It is contained pretty much to a small part of the country, in the extreme southern tip of the Philippines.  It would appear that the Philippine government has done a very good job of containing it.

There was a bomb threat for two courts in Metro Cebu this week and the Philippine police responded by stepping up security at those location.  The police felt the threats were baseless but they were going to take no chances.  The police reported that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) where responsible for the threats.

It is a sign that MILF would like to spread the violence into other parts of the country.  I have noticed an increased police presence in Bogo as of late.  There where a couple of men in camouflage uniforms the  other day with weapons strapped to their back.  Appeared to be rifles.  I haven’t seen that in Bogo City before.

There has been an increase in fighting in recent months.  While the government and the MILF where on the verge of peace and an agreement had been worked out to give the MILF a sovereign homeland in the Philippines a court ruled the argument unconstitutional.   But the military held the MILF to the agreement to with draw out of areas that the MILF agreed to relinquish.

That fighting has resulted in many displaced and homeless Filipino Civilians which is bound to cause more tension.  The conflict has been on going for hundreds of years.  I do hope they get back to talks and bring peace to a place that is naturally peaceful.

Most of the country is at peace.  If not for the news reports, I wouldn’t even know the war was ongoing.  It would make sense that the MILF would like to spread their violence.  I hope the Philippine Government is able to keep it largely contained.

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